1. B

    Sl320 r129 engine cut out my P reg 320 cut out three times the is morning throwing up

    It cut out three times mange to restart it twice but the third it had to recovered on a lowloader Any suggestion Any suggestion Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Tim203

    Tata throwing in the towel.

    After years of allowing all our scrap metal to be flogged off ( including gold!) and now the predictable shoulder shrugging when the N word is mentioned is it any wonder the BBC then announce our exports are less than our imports. Do people honestly believe cheap materials will still be...
  3. J

    PLEASE HELP!! My e55 w211 keeps throwing and/or shredding the belt

    My e55 w211 keeps shredding and/or throwing belts off the supercharger, i have replaced the tensioner and the idle pulley and also fitted a belt wrap kit but the problem keeps happening. The last belt i tried was a k080545 as this was recommended by eurocharged uk to be the right size...
  4. E CLASS

    Advice needed on virgin box 'throwing'

    In short I want to send the box signal to another room in the house as we are shifting the house around a bit and I don't want cables going everywhere! Anyone done this? Thanks.
  5. Ian B Walker

    Throwing round a thought

    Just suppose for one moment that I was to start repairing and servicing Mercedes (preferably W201 and W124's). Could I ask the forum what they would be happy paying per hour for work done. What would they expect. What sort of tools are essential. Any advice on setting up a project such as this...
  6. J

    Throwing in the towel on my Mercedes ?

    I never thought it would come to this, but I have had thoughts lately of selling my beloved Mercedes. I have had my Mercedes for one year, one month, and 11 days. Its a 1999 C43 AMG, with 64k miles on it (when bought had 59k miles). I have treated it with TLC from day one, and spared no...
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