1. HumberMart

    7G-DCT throws a wobbly

    Of course we picked a great moment to try and drive to the S of France what with all the snow, but worse than that car trouble as well. Not expecting snow, using the B and its 50+ mpg seemed the best option for a 2,000 mile round trip to Banyuls Sur Mer rather than the ML. The B did well...
  2. Ade B

    Honda Accord throws a wobbly - replace/repair?

    Flippin' heater matrix has packed in on my '06 65k allegedly cheap and uber reliable japanese Accord Tourer. An £800 fix.. :( As I'm back in familiar CE repair territory, shall I chop it in for a C class estate before the next thing falls off...? I'm thinking the depreciation hit and...
  3. R

    F1. Mosley throws down the gauntlet.

    Max to F1 rebels: Start your own series - F1 | ITV Sport
  4. C

    sprinter 312d throws belt

    hi yesterday i started my sprinter and it immediately spit the belt off for no apparent reason .i had just drove for 30 mile on the motorway at 70 mph with no problems parked turned engine off for a couple of minutes tried starting and it spat the belt off.put the belt back on and drove the same...
  5. Satch

    Edinburgh throws out the congestion charge

    What a surprise! Times Online Edinburgh residents today threw out plans for a £2 congestion charge for Scotland’s capital city by a margin of three to one. While 45,965 residents backed the charge, a total of 133,678 said no to the plans, after a surprisingly high turnout in a local...
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