1. lisa110rry

    Thumbs up for a lovely courtesy car, VW!

    Whilst on the scurvy run to Norfolk on Christmas Eve, my husband, as he likes to put it, hit a peasant in his Motability car. Actually the *pheasant* hit us, but hey ho, the upshot is damage to the bonnet near the catch and to the grill. The dealership booked his car in for repair but warned...
  2. Yugguy

    Weedon Garage thumbs up

    Well I have just done my diff fluid. Pretty easy job in the end. The stuff that came out at 59k was a whole lot darker than the stuff that went in. And cloudy. Smelt of rotten eggs, typical used gear fluid smell. Very satisfying to get it done. Just wanted to give a thumbs up for Ross at...
  3. RobertoMercini

    Huge thumbs up for MB Shrewsbury

    Despite being my 6th MB it's only the third time I've dealt with a dealership when purchasing and the experience I've had over the last ten days has been an epiphany by comparison to anything else I've ever bought. No hard sell, no pushed add ons, no spiel just a professional and more...
  4. optimusprime

    Thumbs up genuine MB tensoner

    Hi just been on the bay ,and this is for sale at £29.99 new old stock to fit -M 651, D22G, D22 , D22R, D22G4 I think these may be engine numbers not sure. part number A651200070 the bay item number is -290886326826
  5. optimusprime

    thumbs up centre caps

    Hi this may help members with W124 1989 with the 75mm centre caps in the alloy wheels .Just purchased a set that i saw on the bay at £6.49 for 4 caps ,posted to my door. The item number is -131156960010 brand new item as good as the originals. Wanted a set after i refurbed my wheels .These have...
  6. G

    MB Swindon thumbs up

    Credit where its due, MB Swindon earned themselves five stars servicing my 12-plate C350 last week. My local dealer at Oxford wanted over £400 for a B service with no offer of courtesy car or help. In contrast, Swindon quoted mid £300's to include collect/del or courtesy car. They also offered a...
  7. AMGeed

    Thumbs up for Euro Car Parts.

    Two instances this week where ECP have been spot on with their service. Ordered a battery for my old Fiesta work car on Wednesday evening, click and collect. Got an SMS at 8am Thurs telling me it was ready for collection. Thursday evening collected battery and realised that my old one wasn't...
  8. John Jones Jr

    Thumbs up for eSure insurance.

    I'd didn't have much to do today so I decided to hunt around for the most suitable car policy. This time my renewal wasn't straight forward, it's now classed as new business as my U.K. insurance had lapsed for just over a couple years which affected my U.K. NCB, as I was using an Irish reg car...
  9. optimusprime

    Thumbs up

    Hi just thought i would tell other members about the doorstrap modual i purchased. The cost was £13 and it was made by Bilstein of Germany .This item was made better than the one i had to replace . Check it out on fleabay kmspartsonline. For a W124 E class 260E 1989 number is - 1267200016...
  10. C

    MSL Birmingham - big thumbs up!

    I was originally booked in for the Eurocharged Day at MSL in July, but could not attend due to my car still being repaired after some vandalism. So today I went to MSL for an ECU remap and pulley upgrade, a TCU upgrade, a secondary heat exchanger and a Johnson CM30 pump on my SL55. Despite...
  11. kalvin928

    thumbs up to replacementmercedeskeys

    Got to give a thumbs up to Mark... got my new key, programmed etc all for £175. came over to Watford.. yeah I know expensive but cheaper than £250 + vat I was quoted by another firm.... 1/2hr job and I can now tick off another job on my to do list:thumb:
  12. zenman63

    Thumbs up the euro car parts

    I went the my local Euro car parts for a new battery and they guy was very helpful there and with the pro mo code I saved £35 on a new S5 battery, it came out at £105 for the 100amp. :D
  13. D

    Thumbs up for MB Warranty...Again!

    Just popped into my local dealership to enquire about corrosion on my alloys and they have just called me back (only 2 hours later) and confirmed that ALL 4 wheels will be replaced with brand new ones in 2 to 3 days time :bannana: I know people are quick to write complaints but credit where...
  14. bpsorrel

    Thumbs up to Admiral!

    Expected to have a nasty shock when my insurance renewal came through, as I've upgraded from my S211 to my CLS and also the mess Saab are in, I thought Saab insurance may have gone up too.. Well, the CLS is actually LESS than the 211 was last year and the Saab no change! WOW!! I'm seriously...
  15. widewalt

    Thumbs up for indie in Surrey

    I would just like to mention TM Motors in West Molesey, Surrey as a company that appears to still understand customer service and how to do a job properly. My initial contact was by telephone and I impressed by the manner with which my query was dealt with and the subsequent visit to sort out...
  16. tpwuk

    FK1000P - Thumbs up!

    Just had my car washed for the first time since sealing it with FK1000P about 6 weeks ago. The dirt just fell off and dried completely streak free! The shine is still incredible! Amazing stuff!
  17. The _Don

    c43 mobilo thumbs up

    Went to start the c43 today and just a clicking noise upon trying to start car i suspected a flat battery - car would not start so left the key with the better half and took the c63 to work - rang mercedes mobilo and within two hours all was well car up and running again at no cost so a thumbs...
  18. Darrell

    A thumbs up for..

    Our trusty W202. My wife had to do an emergency dash to the supermarket tonight. Tommorrow is local election day so apart from all the locals arguing, eating fish, drinking Ouzo and casting their vote, the shops will all be closed. Opposite our house, across the road is a ditch. It's about...
  19. Meldrew2

    MB Preston - thumbs up

    Collected my new (to me) W204 today, from MB Preston. Usual experience when looking around last week, salesmen busy talking to each other, but I just walked straight into the middle of them and interrupted, and the guy who dealt with me, Reyno, gets a cautious thumbs up. He was knowledgeable...
  20. bpsorrel

    MB Milton Keynes - thumbs down today...

    Not a great experience at MB Milton Keynes today. :( Went along this morning to view a car or two and waited in the showroom over half hour before someone bothered to ask me what I wanted. True, I could have interrupted the salesmen and broken up their group chat together, but after a while...
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