1. Palfrem

    Message filters not working in Thunderbird

    All of a sudden my message filters have stopped working. I've downloaded and installed the latest Thunderbird release deleted and redone all the filters. None of them work. Any ideas please chaps? Thanks.
  2. Palfrem

    Thunderbird update - now problems

    Just downloaded & installed the latest Thunderbird update - no problems reported Now it seems to be stuck at a blank page - looks like the old email format boxes but no contacts, old messages, folders, etc are visible. My pop3 settings are unchanged from pre update I've done a system...
  3. Ade B

    iphone mozzilla thunderbird email

    For you tech whizzes Having recently acquired a 16GB iphone I'm finding it less than straightforward to set it to get emails pushed from Thunderbird which I use as my email programme. Is it possible to do this, or do I need to get some different software? TIA Ade
  4. uumode

    Just passing the Thunderbird premiere..

    Just passing the Thunderbird premiere in Leicester Square today, and almost all the cars were silver S classes with blacked out windows. If it wasn't a silver S class, it was a silver MPV!
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