1. David404

    Speeding ticket

    My Dad has just picked up a speeding ticket (40 in the 30 zone) has the choice go on £80 speed awareness course or fine + 3 points. He currently has a clean licence. For all sorts of reasons he is tempted to pay fine, take points. Anybody have experience of likely reaction to points from...
  2. AMGeed

    Parking Ticket = Fuming Mad!

    Just got myself an unwelcome parking ticket in Sainsbury's car park from Poole Council after buying and displaying a ticket! I'm fuming mad. Paid 80p for an hours parking at 10 13am and at 10 24am despite part at the separated ticket being on the dash, I was given a ticket for "Not...
  3. D

    Ooooh arrr... that'll be a ticket then

    Police hide speed cameras in tractors
  4. Mike Walker

    Rugby World Cup Ticket for sale

    As the title says I have for sale 1 No ticket for the Ireland v France RWC match to be held on Sunday 11th October 2015 at the Millenium Stadium Cardiff - ko 16.45. Seat is in the West Stand and if you have been to Cardiff previously you will know how good the views are. Cost of the ticket...
  5. jimiE55

    Spare Trax ticket

    I have a spare Trax ticket if anyone wants one. Pm me if interested. I'll be aiming to get there for around 8. Jimi.C
  6. jimiE55

    Spare Trax ticket

    Spare Trax ticket if anyone wants one for tomorrow. Im aiming to get there for about 8. Pm me if anyone wants one cheaper than gate price.
  7. poormansporsche

    Parking Ticket - Disgusted !

    On Sunday I had the great misfortune to receive a parking ticket I am completely disgusted ! The disgustingly clear signage in and around the bay which I completely ignored. The disgustingly fair and apologetic attitude of the Warden even though it was completely my fault. The...
  8. SG1

    Silverstone Classic Car Show Ticket

    As above, I have a spare ticket for the Silverstone car show on Saturday. It cost me £57 I think. I will post next day if anyone wants it. Any reasonable offer accepted! Excellent day out! PM me if interested.
  9. M

    How long takes to receive speeding ticket from Germany?

    Drove twice to east Germany.. on second trip I got 2 red flashes within different works areas and a white flash on a fly over on a motorway... I am fretting now I can get my license suspended if I get 3 tickets at same time... (my guess I was doing 100 mph in 100 kmh zone and 70-80 mph in 60...
  10. Felstmiester

    Had a speeding ticket from somewhere I've never been

    Received a speeding ticket through post yesterday from Kent police claiming I was doing 60 in a 50 limit on the m20 coast bound at 4:15pm on 23/05. This was in the wife's car/ family car. We've never been on the m20!! I've rang the number provided and apparently they have a photograph that...
  11. ringway

    Parking Ticket? Give this Guy a Medal.

    LINK. :D This aside, I spoke with someone earlier today who's brother works for a council highway maintenance dept. They are exempt from parking tickets but were given one whilst carrying out repairs. When asked why he issued the ticket (that would be automatically cancelled after contacting...
  12. Bill.

    Speeding Ticket!!

    Had a ticket come through about 4weeks ago and the name and address was all incorrect but it was my vehicle. (Address had the correct door number and correct post code so that was enough for it to reach me). So I returned it saying not known at This address. It then come through again but this...
  13. HB

    First ever speeding ticket arghh!!!

    Today after driving for 21 years, I got my first dam speeding ticket. Coming off the slip road into Glasgow airport, I got caught doing 35 in a 20 zone. I'm so annoyed as the road was totally clear in front and the two coppers were hanging behind the fence on the left with the 5 series hidden...
  14. Harrythedog

    Anyone received a parking ticket in London in a suspended bay?

    .......then watch Inside Out BBC 1 (London) at 7:30pm tonight. (also available on iPlayer). Apparently there are some 364000+ illegally isued tickets as the councils had no authority to make up there own signs, so pile in and get your money back!
  15. MD5

    Parking ticket advice please

    I stayed at friend's in September last year, who lives in a cul de sac, which is a residents' permit area, the bays being duly signed and marked, as per the pics below. I parked overnight outside of the marked bay areas, on a bit of road with no signage or road markings, which I assumed was for...
  16. V

    Vito Dualiner - Goods vehicle speeding ticket - NO!

    Recently received a "Notice of Intended Prosecution" for travelling at 69mph on a dual carriageway part of the A303. :mad: I was pretty surprised to say the least, the offence was exceeding the limit for a goods vehicle. I browsed around the web a bit but didn't find a definitive answer as to...
  17. sinewave

    Best Speeding Ticket get-out ever!

    Might be an oldie, but it's brilliant! http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2011/08/01/top-this-for-a-speeding-ticket/ :cool:
  18. S

    Flight ticket buying advice to South Africa

    Me and the missus(don't tell her I put it like that) are off to South Africa in October for a couple of weeks. My question is this: buy flight tickets now or wait a while and gamble on them coming down(or not). At the moment return flights to Johannesburg with Lufthansa are £500 which I don't...
  19. S

    Another 12 months ticket for my e300d !

    Just picked up my '95 e300d plus mot certificate after its repair work. Rear and centre exhaust, bottom wisbones, top shock mounts and a couple of brake pipes. Not bad for a 206k car.Engine emissions and cat were fine, which was a consolation. Just need to change the engine oil and all filters...
  20. M

    Another parking ticket..

    I had stayed in a motorway travelodge with free parking for a night a fortnight back. I had identified my car at check in on the CCTV images for parking to be validated. Now here comes the parking ticket for having parked for 13 hours. The company is called CP Plus. Having read previous...
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