1. gramey

    R129 Rattling on tickover when in gear?

    Unfortunately due to currently being incapacitated I'm not in a position to crawl under it and look but my R129 SL32O has a rattle but only when it's in gear and only at tick over. As soon as you pick up the revs or put it in neutral it goes. I'm thinking it may be the exhaust or is it...
  2. A

    Lumpy running on tickover

    I have a 04 CLK 320 and it has started running really lumpy once warm on tick over drives fine, any ideas anyone
  3. T

    1980 450SL fast tickover

    My new/old toy has a problem that has confused my local mechanic. I still had to pay his bill of course. Whilst the engine sounds healthy enough, it is ticking over at 1500rpm in neutral and 1000rpm in gear. All Internet info put this down to the air control valve which I replaced with a used...
  4. J

    W211 e270cdi 54reg seems to be hunting on tick-over...

    Hi all, my w211 e270cdi seems to be hunting a bit on tick over, the interior lights and headlights etc very slightly dim and brighten on the tick over and on the dash I quite often get the message saying 'convenience features temporarily unavailable...' Etc. could someone please tell me how I...
  5. ioweddie

    Is this normal my rev counter needle fluctuating on tickover?

    Hi all just started to notice on my 62 reg c220 sport plus, the rev counter is not dead steady on tickover, either in park or drive (on auto hold) is this common or a sign of something like injectors etc Thanks Eddie
  6. harries2

    Chugging,like missing,rough tick over,clears on high revs 2003 c180k se coupe

    i have a coupe 2003 c180k se which is very strange it runs ok on high rev but on low rev its like kangeroo petrol and the engine does not sound right it is like it is hunting,chugging etc i can not see any obvious air leak etc some help would be very gratfull all comments please so i can try...
  7. P

    1999 Vito 120, tickover issue?

    Hi All First of all my van runs great, no smoke, nothing untoward. My issue is this, when i start the vehicle cold hot or anytime the engine sounds a bit rough? but after a few seconds the idle speeds up a few hundred revs and engine is much quieter? I have also notices that when it is started...
  8. M

    slights misfire at tickover

    Went out this morning car wasn't even up at running temps and was sitting in P noticed a very very slight misfire going to pull the plugs out see how they look failing that is there any usual faults with the e55k amg that cause this ie are they bad on coil packs' leads?? Thanks in advance...
  9. L

    Hi stop me selling on my Merc ( a bit of advice will do it)

    Hi all - I bought a very attractive Automatic 1998 C240 a few weeks ago - i've used it every day since. I do like it but it has a couple of what i think are minor issues. It cuts out in traffic and/or very slow speeds. It has a quite jerky gear change ... It has came out of gear twice (i...
  10. markheaney2

    e280 cdi tickover

    my 2007 e280cdi seems to tick over at a high rpm for a long time from cold usually until it gets to about 60 degrees i never noticed it doing this before how long should it have raised tickover for
  11. C

    very slight misfire at tickover

    Hi again everyone I have a 1999 320 clk cabriolet which had a misfire at tickover a couple of months back I had the codes read which the gentleman told me related to the first cylinder on the left looking in from the front and was in fact No1 and said it was coil pack or leads finances were...
  12. A

    HELP! Engine revving up and down at tick-over

    Hi All, My 2000 W208 clk 230k has acquired a fault. When fired up, instead of ticking over as normal, it's revving up to about 2000 rpm then dropping back down to tick-over, as soon as it drops down it revs up again to 2k. It's as though the accelerator is constantly being pressed. The...
  13. D

    Erratic tickover on my 2008 W204 C220 Sport

    Hello all im new to the world of Mercedes only had my car 4 weeks but it seems to have a slight problem. The tickover is really erratic the rev counter kind of pulses and you can feel the car pull almost as if it was in drive and you were blipping the throttle, there are no engine management...
  14. paddingtonfire

    W124 OM603 Tickover

    Evening all, my tickover is at about 500 rpm, and seems a little juddery. Am I able to adjust or is it a computer gizmo that I need to get it plugged into to change it? Any advice appreciated, Mike
  15. bouzirouge

    cl600 pulsing tickover, indicators, wipers, hrw on

    Hi guys, my cl600 tickover "pulses" on startup. It goes from 0 to 800rpm in a steady rythmic style like someone blipping the throttle in time to music. does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? here's a quick update on the progress i've made so far with the indicators, wipers and...
  16. T

    300CE 24V Poor fuel economy and intermittent tick-over problem

    My car runs well most of the time but goes through bad patches when it behaves very badly with lumpy tick-over, sometimes stalling and decelerates when pressing the accelerator, and terrible fuel economy (10-15 mpg). I can reproduce these symptoms by: Leaving the car unused for about two...
  17. E

    320 cdi tickover

    my 2001 EClass 320cdi ticks over at 1200rpm and unevenly.Had recent air mass sensor and glow plug any suggestions?
  18. G

    Mystery noisy bouncing aux belt & tensioner on c220 cdi w203

    Hello. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem thats driving me potty. Tried some new parts. Problem persists. On tickover my engine is noisy with a booming rattle. As soon as you bring it above tickover it runs smoothly. On full lock it chirps. Under the bonnet I can see the...
  19. 300CE

    W124 - Lighting goes 'Dull/Bright' on tickover

    Hi All, The lighting (interior lights/side lights) on the CE go 'dull/bright/dull/bright' whilst on tickover and if i put my foot on the accelerator to increase the revs it just speeds the process up. Any ideas as to what this could be?. Wasn't sure if this may be the sign of a failing...
  20. D

    Tickover problem

    Hi. My 1997 c240 wasnt ticking over right.....a bit lumpy. I took it to a local MB specialist that told me there was an air leak on the inlet manifold and maybe it was a faulty plug or lead. They fitted a new gasket on the manifold. Now its running too fast and a little hotter than usual. They...
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