1. R

    tier one warranty R172 55 7.3K miles

    Hi, had my wife announce to me this afternoon, that should we deem to keep the car from its ending lease in June, the MB tier one warranty is £2,100, jeez, does anyone here know if this is correct..? are there any other choices to be had, my prime worry would be the roof going wrong.:( Thx
  2. B

    Mercedes tier 1 warranty

    Hi everyone. Picked up my new to me 2014 s350 today. The Mercedes warranty runs out on the last day of January and I really don't fancy paying £1400 for the Merc tier 1 if there are any alternatives. Can anyone suggest one that they have bought and claimed on? I'll go with Merc one for peace of...
  3. Doc matt

    No checks when purchasing tier 1 warranty.

    I've had my CLS63 a month now and to be safe I purchased a Tier 1 warranty this afternoon online via the mb warranty website. :cool: Years ago When I bought a second hand 911 without warranty I purchased a warranty from Porsche for 12 months and as part of the warranty purchasing I had to...
  4. C


    Hi guys selling my c63 6.3 amg i wont bore you woth the details were all petrol heads on here and know there 450 bhp plus etc. Mines a great example is a merc used approved car bought in may so still has 6 months full mb tier 1 warranty left. Obviously has full mb history great bodywork etc...
  5. V

    Tier 1 warranty worth it?

    Been quoted £1597 for tier 1 warranty on my December 2011 facelift C63 AMG saloon. This was quoted online. £250 excess. I haven't called MB to enquire about the ins and outs of the warranty.. Cars a facelift 2011 with 47,000 miles and full MBSH. Mods are secondary cat deletes, quaife...
  6. J

    E55k one owner black low miles tier 1 warranty

  7. 9

    2006 e63 amg with tier 1 warranty

    Up for sale due to moving house.... My absolute pride and joy... Obsidian Black with 38k on the clock options include Keyless-go,distronic telephone prep and perfect 19 inch SL65 alloys.... Full Mercedes History serviced just a couple of months ago... Full Mercedes Tier 1 Warranty till...
  8. I

    MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

    Hi A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives) MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so...
  9. R

    Tier 1 comprehensive warranty and front brakes?

    Hi all Got a 2007 E500 Sport with 52K under Mercedes Tier 1 warranty. I had noticed a vibration at high speed and booked the vehicle into my local main dealer. It has since been noted that the front left brake caliper is faulty and sticking. This has been agreed by Mercedes...
  10. R

    W211 E500 Sport 5.5L fMBsh and Mercedes Tier 1 warranty

    Hi all Due to unforeseen circumstances I have decided to put my November 2007 Obsedian Black E500 Sport for sale. I bought this car recently from Mercedes Benz as a used approved vehicle. It was initially owned by Mercedes, and then after 3 months a very wealthy gent who has simply loved...
  11. P

    Tier 1 warranty expectations

    I've booked my W219 CLS in to Merc Dealer to look into a strange woodpecker type noise when I unlock the doors. The mechanic came out to have a listen but couldn't pin point the cause without booking it in. I've also asked them to look at the heated rear window which isn't demisting the top...
  12. 9

    Mercedes Tier 1 Warranty Renewal

    Just came thought the post the other day £1255 for the year with no excess. Bit of a no brainier for the sake of peace of mind... Thoughts???
  13. The _Don

    FYI C63 2010 AMG Tier One Warranty Costs

    £0 excess £1550 £100 excess £1355 £250 excess £1160 Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  14. clk208

    Tier 1 warranty - bushes not covered?

    I am informed that the thrust arm bushes (bushings?) on my CLS are cracked. Symptoms are a mild occasional squeaking from the suspension area. The dealer informed me that bushes / rubber parts are not covered under the Tier 1 warranty as they are wear and tear items. The Tier 1...
  15. C240Sport97

    Non MB servicing and Tier 1 warranty

    does anyone know whether indy servicing causes any part of the Tier 1 warranty to be invalidated? mate looking at an SL55 which has Tier 1 warranty but which has been serviced at an Indy.
  16. simon1966

    Tier 1 Warranty on my 2004 E55 more than doubled!!

    Hi All Since I have had my car I have had a Tier 1 warranty, but just rang to do the renewal and it has gone up a ridiculous amount! Last year I paid £1355 with £100 xs, which had already gone up a lot from previous year which was about £1K. This year they want £2,570 with £100 xs!!! I thought...
  17. clk208

    Claiming on Tier 1 warranty - typical authorisation time?

    Coming up to 6 weeks of CLS ownership and some teething problems on my car. I took it to the main dealer who I purchased from who read some diagnostic codes and performed a very thorough "vehicle health check". A few items need to be fixed. One of the more pressing items is a broken rear...
  18. R

    How much for tier 1?

    Pretty sure I paid £960 last year... Come renewal time; just been online and the quote comes to £1500 :crazy: O dear! What gives?
  19. E

    E55K with Tier 1

    Mercedes-Benz E55 K AMG Dynamic Panoramic Command | eBay These seem good value now. I like the colour/wheel combo on this one.
  20. Benzowner

    Tier 1 Warranty

    I bought my 57plate B Class in May this year from a main dealer, and have covered approx 5k miles and needed some warranty work. So off to MB I go, a different dealer, nearer home, and was quizzed on the warranty. Nearside rear shock absorber needs replacing as do the driver seat belt. I had to...
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