1. G

    CLS350 bad dents need fix/replacing & Where?

    Hey Folks, While abroad I went into a particularly tight, dark and winding carpark and unfortunately had one of the barriers take a chunk out of the side of my CLS350. I basically now have deep dents & scratching on both door panels on left & also on the rear wheel arch. It may be possible to...
  2. Alfie

    Seal tight - great product.

    Following a nasty biking injury I have been using one of these to aid in showering without getting the bandaging etc, wet; Seal Tight Cast and Wound Protectors Really great product and easy to use. Such a simple idea that has revolutionised by showering during convalescence.
  3. T

    Oil Filler Cap extremely tight W202 V6

    I've noticed this over the last few years, the Oil Filler cap on the wifes W202 seems to be getting harder and harder to get off. I now have to try and do it after a run when everythings Hot . I have before on occasion used a pair of molegrips wrapped with a towel. Is it time to replace it ? is...
  4. E

    VERY tight new Chevrolet engine

    A friend of mine has just fitted a new 1987 Chevrolet big block petrol V8 in his old Winnebago. When it's hot, he has to allow it to cool down before restarting it; it's already broken two starter motors - it's so tight, it won't turn over on the starter when hot. It runs perfectly well when...
  5. 190

    Locking wheel bolts too tight

    On the basis that there is no point carrying a spare wheel if you can't undo the wheel bolts with the tools carried in the car, I decided to remove all the wheel nuts and tighten them again at something less than gorilla tight. Managed all of the normal wheel bolts and one of the locking bolts...
  6. SilverSaloon

    making a W124 feel "tight" again

    Hi My green 1994 W124 has suffered over the past couple of years due to me having other things to focus my time/efforts on. However it now feels truly like an old banger. Whereas my wife's identical car feels much better and solid feeling. Its a shame but I have also even thought about...
  7. Dieselman

    A very tight junction and too much speed.

    I nipped out last night to go to somewhere I had never been to before, so was following the SatNav. On the A40 I needed to turn off at Goodrich Castle. The SatNav showed the junction as a lead off from the A40, so I didn't think about slowing too much. At this point there are no...
  8. SilverSaloon

    advise removing VERY tight wheel bolts

    Hi I discovered my rear wheel bolts have been tightened REALLY tight by the garage that put on the new tyres. I tried last weekend to remove but couldnt with the standard wheel wrench with a small bar on the end. They are just tight rather than siezed as they were only fitted about 2...
  9. rossy

    How do I make my knob tight?

    OK bet that got your attention...:eek: My gear stick knob is slightly lose...it can be moved clockwise and anti ever so slightly..how do you tighten it... Sorry if this was not what you was expecting...:bannana:
  10. C

    should that MAF be TIGHT!

    So I've been having issues...and a lot of people have said could be my MAF...just been to look at it.. And low and behold there's the top clip missing has one underneath...so its not fitting tight and moves around a little... I'm hoping this explains the high revs...not finding gear at times...
  11. N

    How tight are you?

    How tight are you? Take the MoneySavingExpert.com test to find out
  12. mercmanuk

    just when i thought money was tight

    just when i thought money was tight,i received an email "Greetings, I am married to Sir Mark Cooper an Englishman who is dead. My husband was into private practice all his life before his death. Our life together as man and wife lasted for three decades without a child. When my late husband...
  13. benzakita

    Steering vibration/buzz on tight left turn

    My c200k 2003 is making a nasty little buzz/vibration when turning tight left (not full lock though) at fairly low speed. higher speed and right turns are fine though. I had front suspension arm bushes replaced recently for MOT, could they have messed up? Any ideas on problem welcome, don't know...
  14. Godot

    Full Screen, HD Volume Up & Hold Tight !

    Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo on Vimeo :eek::eek::crazy::dk:
  15. D

    Rear brakes seem to be too tight!

    I have an SL 500 R230 and everytime i brake the rear brakes seems to make a funny sqeek sound after I release. The brakes almost seem as if the pads are squeezing too hard on the disc and then releasing causing the funny sqeek sounds ,this also happens when i apply little force when breaking...
  16. tpwuk

    Torque setting Nm 9 - Is that tight?

    Just found out the torque settings for the bolts holding the rear mounting wall in my W208, which creaks from time to time. Strange question but how tight in Nm 9? Is it very tight?
  17. RaceDiagnostics

    r107 450SL engine getting tight when up to temp

    Initially I thought I had an alternator battery issue as the battery seemed flat when trying to start the engine while hot, but when replaced with a brand new 92Ah battery the results are only marginally better. The engine cranks very slowly as if the battery is almost flat, but does eventually...
  18. w124amg

    w202 c230 k manual gearbox tight

    does anyone know if theres things that can be as its a real effort to get it into gear when you give it some . at low speeds its fine a bit notchy but ok . When you let it have it from rest to about 5 k it takes abiut 3-4 seconds to get it in gear , its real frustrating as ive bought this as a...
  19. 230K

    Glow Plugs 1&6 tight. Leave them or perservere?

    Hi Not a good car week for me. Changing heater plugs everything fine except 1 & 6 are real tight. 1 is turning 1/4 of a turn and 6 about 1/16 th of a turn. Other 4 were fine. Unfortunately the 2 stuck plugs are not working anyhow. So the big question. Will i perservere and possibly...
  20. AANDYY

    E300 1997 dimensions - Tight driveway!

    My driveway gate posts are tightish, so my question is what's the dimension of the door mirrors 1 to the other, Autotrader specs say 1995mm but can't confirm that anywere else. TA.
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