1. reflexboy

    Urgent tiling advice

    Morning all My parents were visiting last night and they brought some photos with them, to show me the progress of how the Bathstore are getting on fitting their new bathroom. I was shocked to see the ceramic floor tiles, with electric underfloor heating, being laid over OSB. Am I correct saying...
  2. Whitey

    Tiling bad wall help

    Once again, I'd appreciate the forums help :) We have knocked a toilet and bathroom into one and I have the task of tiling. My problem this particular wall : Plan A I'll flatten the high spots, sand and cement all the holes and gap where door frame was. Prime then tile away...
  3. W

    Anyone handy with Mosaic tiling?

    Hi gang, Been doing a bit of DIY this week at home, currently finishing off a dowstairs W/C / cloakroom. All the difficult stuff is done - all stripped out, new floor, re-plastered ceiling, new lights and extractor, new radiator plumbed in, plumbed in for outside tap etc. Boxed in some...
  4. Ade B

    tiling tips

    For all you experienced DIYers I have tiled my kitchen splash back in 25mm square marble mosaics (they are nice and uneven which hides my bad alignment....) and I'm about to grout them. My question is, what is the best way to cut them? I've got to splice in small strips about a half square...
  5. SportsCoupeRich

    Tiling a large floor

    :D Hi gang. I am considering replacing the stained cream carpet I inherited on purchase of mt flat with some nice lightinsh grey slate tiles. My living area is fairly large, about 625 sq ft, or 65ish sq m, so it is a good sized job. Am I mad to be considering a DIY route as opposed to...
  6. jukie

    Tiling a kitchen floor

    Best done before the new kitchen is installed or wait 'til after? I'd have thought before but I've had conflicting pieces of advice. Any thoughts? Any tilers or kitchen fitters amongst our ranks? TIA, David.
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