1. P

    2003 Sprinter W903 T1N LWB 311 CDI Manuals/First timer help

    Hi guys, I picked up a 2003 W903 LWB 311 CDI OM611 2148cc Sprinter yesterday, I was wondering if there is a UK spec owners manual knocking around anywhere for this so I can get accustomed to it. I found the oil guide in the sticky but would like to know what viscositys to run depending...
  2. K

    Hello 1st timer here

    Hello Colm here from N.Ireland I drive a 2011 c220 ed125 (red)
  3. Ballbagracer

    1st timer

    .........well I did have an old vito van :p Will be picking up my first Mercedes (well the wife will :( as I'm away) getting the C250 bluethingy sport estate 2009 model. Hope this is an acceptable model :crazy: I'm looking forward to getting home to put so miles in.
  4. D

    W210 cdi aux heater timer - how ?

    I'd like to have a timer like on the older Wabasto fuel fired heaters. Does the same time unit found in the ashtray area unit work on the electric aux heaters on the face lift W210. Id like to set a time to something like 15 mins before I head off to work each day so the car is already...
  5. I

    Any advice for a first timer?

    Hi all. New to the forum. I have been wanting (and saving) for a while to get an MB and now that I have the money I need some advice. First things first. I dont do finance (only buy when I have all the cash needed) and dont like to buy brand new cars (2-3 years old are the perfect ones in my...
  6. D

    first timer

    not sure if this is how its dun but here goes Hi all, im the very proud owner of my first MB an 08 SLK 200 and loving it :bannana:
  7. mikeyb1049

    First timer!

    Hi all So I posted on here a few months back that I was after a 210 etc etc anyway long story short I've got myself a '95 124 220 Coupe - its an absolute treat after 2 whole days of ownership ;) I love it! So anything special I should be doing immediately to keep her running smoothly? @111k...
  8. G

    vito and e 320 cdi service timer reset

    :confused: anyone know what i have to press and in what order to reset the service timers in my vito 111 and my 320cdi please :confused:
  9. Palfrem

    Old timer in MB AUC

    http://www.mercedes-benzmacclesfield.co.uk/ The link to the actual car is broken but go to the dealer website and search for blue cars and look at what's at the top of the list @ £5999 That's unusual to have such an old / 124K miler in the AUC network. I wonder if you'll still get the...
  10. BenzedUP

    Energy Saving Timer...

    Got a brand new in box Energy saving timer..;) Price : £10 Inc P&P PM me if interested, thanks. Josef.
  11. M

    Mercedes First Timer

    Hi Everyone Just ordered my first Mercedes so thought I'd join up and say hi. Ordered an E350 CDI Sport in Black with almost all available options included :bannana: Depressed that I have to wait until March to take delivery :(:( As a newbie I might be asking a few questions so hope...
  12. P

    CLK 230 (First timer)

    I`m looking at defecting from BMw and buyingmy first MB been looking at the CLK 230 (320 would be a bit steep on fuel/insurance) So what`s the main thing to look out for ? leather, aircon, auto, etc I know are a must. But are there any problems to look out for ? Also whats the difference...
  13. Mystery~Machine

    first timer

    hi guys and girls if there are any. just a quick hello, love the forum hope to talk to you all soon. mercedes c220 sport edition, diamond black. and i love it
  14. D

    MB First Timer - Where's the stuff at?

    All, Been reading through the forums now for a month or so (top site btw) and just bought my first MB - c class 200 comp w203 which i am most impressed with (even if it did come ~150 in the Top Gear 2005 survey!). Now that I have the car, I'm looking to spend some (more) money on it! Problem...
  15. Plodd

    Another 1st timer.

    :bannana: Hi all, I have just bought myself my 1st Merc a 98 SLK 230. One owner plus dealer, 40,000miles and immaculate. AMG body kit, black leather and automatic. I love it but all my colleagues seem to think it's hilarious asking if I can fit them in for a haircut!! The reason for this...
  16. Philirv

    Alt Zeiter - Old timer

    Is there anything that beats a W124 on a long distance ? I've just completed a business trip by car with 3 lanky germans (one was nearly 7ft tall) going from Birmingham to Banbury, onto Oxford, Swindon and back to Birmingham - about 350 miles in all. We started out the trip in a new Passat...
  17. M

    Old Timer!!.

    Just bought a 76 W114 2.3 Limo (Don't ask why!).Are all the service bits easy to obtain,also what about the "Limo" equation,ie exhaust system,shocks & coil springs.:confused:
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