1. thebig1

    Rear Tint Fix??

    Hi guys, just noticed a couple of "Chips" in the rear window tint on my C63s Saloon, like someone tried to remove a sticker and damaged the tint. short of claiming for a broken rear window on the insurance :naughty: is there anything I can use to cover up the chips? cheers!!!
  2. sarah.grandon

    To tint or not to tint

    Well... Do I tint my beauty...??? Tempted to do my roof too... Any horror stories or tips I should look out for??? [emoji4].. X
  3. nickjonesn4

    Rear window tint

    Want to darken the rear windows to keep sun out my kids eyes. anyone got a good recommendation for window tinting in North London area?
  4. F

    [A45] Thoughts on a touch of tint on rear lights...

    Hi all, first post cherry popping right here, had to seek some opinions I can't wrap my head around the back lights on the A class looking a tad bit chunky. Was considering a little bit of tint spray to tone it down, though I want to stray away from the full on tint front and back... thoughts?
  5. T

    Standard tint level new E300

    I've ordered a new company car to be delivered in April all being well. It's a E300 hybrid S212. Tenorite Grey, AMG Line, Premium. I haven't gone for any options over the standard Premium toys, except for intelligent lighting. Anyway, without bringing up any of the topics that come up on a...
  6. Pitts Pilot

    To tint, or to pimp?

    I've got an uneasy feeling that tinting the windows of my black SL will make it look like a "Pimp-mobile". I currently have just the rear window tinted for a bit of privacy, but I've been thinking about doing the rest of the car. First the law: www.gov.uk says: Vehicles first used on 1...
  7. A

    Window Tint

    Hi there So I've been comparing pics of C63 coupe's to my car and wondered why these other pics looked a little better. It seems I might just be partial to a little window tint at the sides and rear - and my car doesn't have that. So I am looking into getting an aftermarket tint done...
  8. S

    W204 Rear Window Tint / Parcel Shelf Removal

    Hey All, It seems like im attempting something no one else has tried before, but how do you remove the rear parcel shelf on the w204 sport coupe? I need it removed so that I can get the rear window tinted. Ive searched over the net and cant find anyone else that has had the same issue...
  9. AJD

    window tint

    Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with tinting the front side windows ie the law. Im thinking of having my coupe done.
  10. Spinal

    Pre-cut mirror tint?

    Does anyone know of a seller that does pre-cut window tints in mirror/silver (also known as reflective and one-way?) I want to tint the rearmost windows of the volvo so that the dog doesn't get too much sun on the drive down... mirrored film seems like the ideal at keeping temperatures...
  11. H

    Windscreen Tint

    Hi can anyone tell me what tint is on the windscreen of my 2007 E 280CDI Sport, as I am in need of a new one:mad: My insurance tell me who to use , so I thought if I have the tint etc when I call there will be no mistakes :thumb: Hog
  12. horgantrevor

    how to remove window tint please

    have a w202 c36 and the back three windows are tinted aftermarket how to remove the best way i fear that if i try to remove from back window i will damage rear heating element any ideas:confused:
  13. The Boss

    how to vary the tint on porcelain tiles? anyone?

    Gents, having recently had some building work going on at my place, i spent near enough 1-2 weekends looking for a matching tile to my existing floor to continue it. Having failed to find the same tile i managed to find a close match. the tint variant is evident in the new floor, being ever so...
  14. 1

    a matter of windows tint

    if I well remember W202 (I had) and W203 (I have) come with: green tint for classic and elegance blue tint for avantgarde I don't know what's about E class but proibably the same. Actually it seems that W204 come in green tint for all the versions, isn't it? :rolleyes: I prefer the...
  15. whitenemesis

    Window Tinting - Illegal to Tint Rear Windscreen?

    Just read this on the PNLD website "In the windscreens (including rear windscreen) and front side windows of motor vehicles first used after 1st April 1985 there must be a minimum of 75% of light allowed through the window (for vehicles first used before 1/04/85 min of 70%). The windows...
  16. mercmanuk

    house window tint

    ive 2 windows on my house i need to tint with a mirror film to stop prying eyes.whats the best thing to use can anyone recommend,as clear as possible from the inside but as dark as possible from the outside.
  17. S

    Quick Window Tint Question

    Ive had my window tint on for quite some time now. I was wondering if im allowed to use 'suction cups' on it? For instance, the type radar detectors and tomtom's use. Will it damage the tint? Thanks My apologies if its in the wrong section:bannana:
  18. NW_Merc

    Tint Spray

    What's a good tint spray to use on the front and wing indicators?
  19. McGreggor

    Mirror Tint?

    Hi, my brother says he's seen mercs with a factory tint on the windows that is a light smoke, nothin too heavy, but also slightly mirrored? :) I imagine this is the best of both worlds as its private and secure but you can still see out! :D Does anyone know what this tint is, and if you can...
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