1. S

    Tinting Windows

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a reputable tinting company in the Uxbridge/Middlesex/West London Area please? Cheers
  2. F

    Window tinting

    Can anyone recommend a window tinting company in the Preston area North West.
  3. T

    Tinting tomorrow need help

    Hi I'm getting my 2012 w204 fire opal red c250's rear windows tinted tomorrow but can't decide on what percentage still. Anyone have a red w204 with windows tinted to show me some pics to give me a better idea. Cheers in advance
  4. B

    Window tinting & alloy refurb in Essex/East London?

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had any window tinting & alloy wheel refurb places they could recommend in the Essex/East London area? I normally like to go on good recommendations with these sort of things! Thanks
  5. D

    Window Tinting

    Hi, I'm looking for a good place in the South East to get my windows tinted, any suggestions please? Thanks :thumb:
  6. jonnyMercUK

    Window tinting south yorkshire

    Can anyone recommend anyone who tints windows in South Yorkshire?
  7. pfarre10

    Clear glass very light tinting

    Hi, Ive just bought my Vito 113 van, and discovered to my horror, not only does it not have air con. Its has clear glass, i.e. not the very slight green tint that pretty much all cars now have. As a result its like a greenhouse in there. Does anyone know if film is available to tint it to...
  8. cobra7

    Window Tinting - a good thing?

    I know it all boils down to personal taste but, when looking at an older vehicle (C43 estate) what would be the general opinion of going for limo dark tint to rear windows with a slight tint to front..? In two minds at present, thinking about future resale and whether it could be a positive...
  9. I

    E350cdi Cabriolet Window Tinting

    Just done a deal on a E350 on a 62 plate Cab anyone have any pictures or advice on tinting the windows, I got my E Coupe done and it just finishes the car off just nice. But the concern I have is that when the roof is down it would look a bit odd with some of the tinted and the front ones not...
  10. airportstar

    Looking for recommendation for window tinting.

    I'm based in East London, anyone have any good experience with window tinting local to me? Cheers
  11. kalvin928

    bi-xenons tinting

    I have bi-xenon's on my car and was thinking of putting slight tint film on...good idea? I'm concerned that potential heat damage may occur and melt plastic? I understand people will have views on this.. i.e bit chavvy etc... but at the moment just testing the water... seen it on one E class and...
  12. S

    W204 Rear Window Tint / Parcel Shelf Removal

    Hey All, It seems like im attempting something no one else has tried before, but how do you remove the rear parcel shelf on the w204 sport coupe? I need it removed so that I can get the rear window tinted. Ive searched over the net and cant find anyone else that has had the same issue...
  13. Bambla

    Window tinting pictures

    Hi I'm thinking of tinting my rear side windows and also the back window and wanted to ask if anyone has got pics of this on a Alabandine grey C-class to see what it looks like, I did a quick mock up on my iPhone but not quite the same. Many thanks Not sure why I have this pic 3 times
  14. S

    Window tinting on silver cars

    I'd like to have some subtle tints on my CLK convertible but I'm not sure if tinted windows suit silver cars. When chosen as an option from new they look great but I've seen so many terrible aftermarket efforts. I'd be interested to know your thoughts...or if anyone has any photos even better!
  15. SilverSaloon

    questions re window tinting

    hi i'm considering some revamping of both W124 estates next year. i've seen many estates (like ***'s new C Class for example) looking very nice in Silver with a suttle tint to the rear back and side windows. My question is how good are tints in general (assuming you go to a good...
  16. Billy albert

    C32 tinting pics reqd

    Anyone have there silver c32 tinted I want to see pictures please
  17. Conquistador

    Blue-ish window tinting, S500 / S600 / AMGs etc...

    Can anybody tell me whether this is a standard or aftermarket tint on this '63? I'm looking at various companies online and their galleries of work they've carried out tinting windows as I'm looking to get mine done, but was wondering if a darker tint has just been slapped on these...
  18. Kid_Dav

    Window Tinting New C Class Coupe

    Hi Anyone know a tinting place that can do the new c class coupe. Preferably near Nottingham, Sheffield area? Been informed that pretty much all the interior needs to be stripped to access the rear windscreen due to the back shelf and break light. Obviously a job for a professional.
  19. M

    Tinting a lease car

    Has anyone had issues with returning a lease car with window tints? Cheers
  20. developer

    Front Window Tinting Advice.

    I'm the first to say that dark tinted front windows are only found on cars driven by D.Head and his mates. However, I'd like to understand the legal position of front tinting (not the windscreen) - pass through light levels etc. The reason is that my car can look a little, er, van like, in...
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