1. J

    Vinyl Roof Wrap and tints for W245 2007 B Class

    Haven't been on the site for a while so here's a quck update on my little B Clss, just had my roof wrapped in gloss black vinyl and the rear side and back windows tinted by Car Tuning in Wilesden, top guys there and highly recommend their work. They even covered my petrol cap with a nce carbon...
  2. Dannyallen89

    Front window tints do or don't

    My car is in for roof wrapping dechrome and window tinting today I asked for all to be done but I'm unsure now about the fronts done incase of getting pulled over by the police and getting points. Has any1 done this already or had trouble with it? Thanks Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Midlands Tints - Moseley - Can recommend...

    Forgot to do this... Had my windows tinted by these guys and their work is really good. Only took them a couple of hours whilst I waited. Anyone round the Midlands I would recommend using them. Reasonable price too.
  4. D

    Big Thanks To Valet Magic - De Chrome, Tints & 507 Stripes

    Hi All, Took a visit to Valet Magic on Thursday to have the C63 De Chromed, Tinted and add 507 Stripes. Really pleased with the transformation of the car, and the quality of work. Robbie is a top guy and for anyone who is looking to have something similar done to their C63 I would highly...
  5. B

    Window tinting & alloy refurb in Essex/East London?

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had any window tinting & alloy wheel refurb places they could recommend in the Essex/East London area? I normally like to go on good recommendations with these sort of things! Thanks
  6. E

    Tuned - My A**e.... But what about the window tints

    (With thanks to Ricky Tomlinson in The Royle Family. Some may recall my thread about my E55K estate - allegedly remapped to 525 bhp, and with the limiters removed. I wanted the gearbox oil changed, and didn't fancy doing it myself, so nipped up to MSL to combine that with a dyno run to see...
  7. c32andy

    window tints

    is it totally illegal to tint front side windows ?
  8. A

    E63 AMG estate window tints (w211)

    Hi to everyone - new member. First post. Just about to buy a used E63 AMG estate (w211.) All the glass rear of the B pillar is heavily tinted - none of the dealerships seem to know if this was factory fitted, and therefore cannot be removed, or dealership fitted before delivery to the...
  9. M

    Window tints

    Thinking of getting the rear windows tinted on my 08 c class sport? What grade tint should I go for? I'm not after a 'gangster' look!.. Just to make the car look abit better as it doesn't have factory tints. Anyone done it?
  10. Springbok

    Window Tints on a CLK

    Just had this finished this week, and looking for everyone's opinion. Limo on back and quarter windows. ( about 5% transmission ). Fronts were untinted ( aftermarket swap at some point ) with 75% transmission tint on now. What does everyone think? Answers on a postcard.
  11. kap02

    Window tints

    Does anyone have 50% Window tints done? Looking to get it done on my W204, some pics would be great. I dont want it too dark. Any idea what Mercedes privacy glass is?
  12. AMPSVL

    Tints on C Class coupe 2002

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place as it's my first time on here! I purchased my c class in November and have decided to make a few changes to personalise lol! I want to get the windows tinted but am really scared just in case I go to all the trouble and end up not liking them! I've...
  13. thedoc01

    window tints

    has any1 had window tints done and if so by who,how much and how good?
  14. G

    Window tints

    Can anyone recommend a window tinting service around uxbridge middx?
  15. BTB 500

    Footballer pulled over for window tints ...

    ... and ended up having his Bentley Continental GT Speed seized, because it turned out he didn't have a valid driving licence! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20090207/tuk-soccer-star-s-140k-car-is-seized-45dbed5.html
  16. L

    Remove Gangsta Drug Dealer Tints!!

    Hey Guys and Girls.. Really want to remove my drug dealer tints.. first thing that everyone says whenever they see the car and I hate it!! Dont even think they look that good to be honest.. its an extremely professional job and I expect it would have cost someone alot of money to fit but I...
  17. BenzedUP


    Hi, Does anybody know any one who does prefessional car tints round surrey or reading? Many Thanks:)
  18. Satch

    Windows tints a problem? Read on......

    I understand that last Saturday night some idiotic driving by a newly passed 17 year old known to my son (not a friend in any way!) resulted in the inevitable clapped out Nova packed with yoof going off on what is not a tight bend after clipping the kerb, through a modest fence backwards and...
  19. K

    window tints d.i.y.

    firstly i have read all the posts on window tinting. my question is has anyone done it and is it a pig of job or what. was thinking of doing the rear half. can anyone talk me through it-- regards ken-- c180 esprit
  20. jimmy

    Cool Tints

    I had my windows tinted this weekend. All the door trims and trim around the windows had to be removed. The whole job took 6 hours. You can see the level of tint through the open window, the quarter lwindow hasn't been done yet. I went for 35% (lets through 35% of light) all...
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