1. T

    Wanted W205 Chrome Exhaust tip

    Can anyone help me replace the little chrome tip nearside on my 2016 W205 C220 please?
  2. M

    2015(15) audi rs6 avant 4.0 twin turbo automatic tip quattro tfsi 552 bhp black

    Full Details Audi RS6 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo TFSI Quattro Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2015 – 15 Reg • Two Owners From New – Last Owner Since September 2015 • 8,438 miles only with Full Audi Dealer Service History • 4.0 Litre Twin Turbo Engine – 552 BHP • CO2 Emissions...
  3. Conquistador

    Dieselgate - tip of an iceberg?

    Potentially explosive? The Cartel: Collusion Between Germany's Biggest Carmakers - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  4. S

    Exhaust Tip Polish

    Hi Guys. Just wanted your experienced advice on polishing the amg exhaust tip. I don't have the time to polish myself (I'm very weak) so was wondering if anyone knows of a body shop that will use a device that will polish them quickly and effectively? Is this a thing or am I being too vulgar...
  5. A

    Tip Job

    My tips was looking a bit shabby and a job I didn't fancy doing :eek: Sorry after getting on my tips for quite some time I decided to give them a clean:rock: Some before pic's And some pic's after a good scrub :p And whilst I was at it i did the plastic trim back to black as...
  6. T

    W211 thermostat change top tip

    I've just done this on my 54 plate E270. I managed it without losing a drop of coolant and without removing the oil filter cover. I'm new to Mercs so don't shoot me is this is all common knowledge. Tip 1. raise the front of the car about 10". I used ramps. Syphon the header tank dry...
  7. G

    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    Hi All, I'm into week 3 of Mercedes ownership and just cleaning up those little bits and pieces that need attention. I have a 2012 C180 Coupé. The chrome exhaust tip looks like it has never seen polish and now it's so far gone, a new one is the only option. I don't want some cheap rubbish that...
  8. poormansporsche

    No tip then ?

    Blimey - was parked in the exact spot not 24 hours before ! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2957855/bellingham-car-crash-five-injured-one-critical-argument/#comments
  9. ioweddie

    Handy Tip to remove water marks

    Had some water spots on my bonnet, tried most things but they were still there, did a bit of googling and found out that white vinegar diluted with 3 parts water, applied with a soft cloth, gently wiped over the area a few times, then rinse with plain water. Hey Presto all gone. you do have to...
  10. Rosso1

    Tip of the day

    Maybe this has been done before but why don't we all add our tips of the day. Here Mine. It you want to clean a patio / drive way including block paved I use chlorine. All you do is buy enough drums of chlorine i use 4 drums around £20 a drum. These can normally be bought from a swimming...
  11. B

    Ipe fi flame flame tip exhaust tips

    The perfect accessory is back up for sale due to a non-payer. Any questions drop me an email: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  12. B

    Fi Blue flame tip amg exhaust tips

    Afternoon guys, Haven't got around to fitting these beauties do hope somebody else will: MEGA RARE BLUE FLAME TIP FI IPE C63 E63 CLS63 E55 AMG EXHAUST TIPS! | eBay Cheers
  13. M

    Mercedes 208 clk gear stick auto tip

    Hi need a gearstick for a 2001 reg clk tiptronic thanks stew
  14. Mr Fixit

    Thought Id share a useful tip

    I had no sound from the Comand system after having left the car (C55) for a few days. Screen (head end) was on and working but no sound. I thought the amp had gone and checking this site it did look this way however checked with Mark and he suggested disconnecting the -ve , waiting a few...
  15. H

    Differential Oil E280 CDI (7 speed tip)

    Hi My 57 plate E280 CDI with 7 speed tiptronic box has got a slight whine from the rear of the vehicle and having searched on here is sounds like a good start to change the differential oil, especially as I can not tell whether it has ever been changed. Have booked the car into the garage but...
  16. MikeHartley

    Top tip?

    I don't know about you guys but if you were as frustrated as me by the black and chrome window surrounds.....I tried everything to remove the 'dried rainspot effect' on them with everything I could think of. What fixed it? Good old WD40! We'll see how long it lasts.
  17. astamir

    Denso twin tip plugs for clk55

    Hi I have to change the spark plugs on my w208clk55 red good reviews on these Has anyone had them on their cars would you recommend it? Thanks in advance
  18. MB James

    2008 '58' E220 Estate CDI Avantgarde Tip Auto DIESEL

    Mercedes-Benz E Class E220 Estate CDI Avantgarde Tip Auto DIESEL 5-Door - 2008 (58) Done a lot of miles but regularly serviced and always kept clean. Replacing for a saloon, hence the sale. 1 Previous owner to myself from new. Silver 198,000 miles Excellent condition + SERVICE HISTORY+...
  19. D

    SLK R170 Exhaust Tip - what size?

    Hi All, Firstly, a very happy Christmas to everyone I need a new exhaust tip for my SLK R170 as the current one is rusting away. I have measured the diameter of the current one (which is ovalish in shape) and it is 100mm. I cannot seem to find any this width as they all seem much smaller...
  20. R

    R129 oval exhaust tip - Refurbish or Replace?

    The oval exhaust tip on my R129 has seen better days. It was painted black from factory and years of driving have left it looking like sh*te and it's really letting down the look of the back end. To buy a new oval AMG tip costs over £200, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a company who...
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