1. flowrider

    Matt's (Smoking Tire) Ultimate LA Daily Driver: 2001 Mercedes SL500

  2. S

    W202 - Sport Suspension - Abnormal Tire Wear

    Hi I have some very abnormal tyre wear on my W202 C230K Sport. As you can hopefully see on the picture, the tread is getting worn on the outer edge only. In addition, there are pieces of the rubber that are coming off. Tires in question are Pirelli Cinturato P7s .. In addition, this wear is only...
  3. B

    300e Tire size identification

    curious to know if any one can identify what tire size is being used here? 235/45 all around? or staggered? Perhaps 245/40 or 245/45 in the back? Hard to tell! Really like the fittments match to the era. Thanks, B
  4. G

    Tire pressure Warming reset

    I have read all threads about how to reset the tire pressure Warming system. I get the warning when I start the car. However, the tire inflation pressure monitor dialog to reset does not come up on my display whatever buttons I Press. I also had to adjust the clock and found a lot of info...
  5. K

    Winter tire rims don't fit

    Tried to fit my winter tires for my no-longer Mercedes E300D to my "new" 190D 2.5 and they don't fit - think the offset is wrong. My old winter tires are 195/65 R15 with the rims being 6.5Jx15 H2 ET37 And my current summer tires are 205/60 R15 with rims being 6Jx15 H2 ET49 So when...
  6. Dee James

    Tire Pressure ML W163?

    Hi All, i have just bought a 2003 ML270 and the steering feels slightly vague, like the side wall is slightly flexing before any steering takes place rather than a mechanical feeling if that makes sense. I`m going to check the pressures as soon as i get a chance but in the meanwhile does...
  7. Ermir

    rims and tire dimension

    Hi guys, I have a w203 avantgarde with 17" rucha alloys, 225/45r17. They were originally fitted when i bought the car. Does anybody know if they are the correct tire dimension for this car or should i change them to 205/55r16? Thanks
  8. C

    wet look tire dressing

    Whats the best one, i saw a Porsche and tyres looked so wet and glossy. I like quality but know too that these products dont last long. A decent size is preferred. Any helps is appeciated.
  9. N

    How safe is a 23 year old spare tire?

    The spare tire in my 91 500SL is 23 years old and has never been mounted. It still looks brand new. I know the shelf life for selling new tires is 6 years. Should I worry about delaminating or is it still ok to use if necessary? It's a Pirelli P6 if that matters. (I know new Pirelli's in...
  10. J

    Collapsable Spare Tire for 2013 SL550

    Hello, Here in the USA the SL550's do not come with any spare tire, jack, tools or air pump. I understand in the UK that you can get this as an option. I know the collapsable spare is made by Vredestein and can only be ordered through a Mercedes dealer. Additionally the well under the trunk...
  11. O

    1X tire Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 225/55/16

    Hi, I need one of those Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 225/55/16 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 | the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 reviewed and rated | the online tyre guide part worned is more then fine but it need a good amount of tread left on it :) Cheers. Olivier
  12. O

    W210 16" steel wheel with tire.

    Hi, I a looking for 2X W210 16" steel wheel with tire if possible. The bolts are handy too if they come with. Cheers. Olivier
  13. markevo

    how to reactivate tire pressure E55 AMG

    Hello , I dont have a owners manual and need instructions how to reactivate tire pressure monitor as I have had air put in them . Dont know how to reset . Car is E55 AMG 2003 Thanks Mark
  14. C

    W123 ideal tire setup on 240d?

    Hey folks my 1984 240d tire set up is the w124 intra eightbhole 15x7? Wheels with 195/65/15 tires...tires have become old and hard...I have just replaced the front suspension. I am being advised to go back to 14 by some, other who say stick to current size and some who say issue if I go to...
  15. A

    Original Tire Size?

    Hi all, Was wondering what the normal wheel/tire size combo was fitted to my car. Car is a W220 (S320 CDI) Current tires are 255 / 45 / 17 Reason for asking is that I have to drive the A80 everyday which currently has a 40mph speed limit while the current upgraded to motorway status is...
  16. E5car

    tire size for my w124.

    hi everybody.i have been purchasing o.z michelangelo 10 wheels info:17x7.5 ET35.. many people especially pros say that 215/45/17 will best fit with this type of wheel.but i want larger tires.pros ay that 225/45/17 will cause rubbing issues,trimeline,holding problems and it is said that 7.5...
  17. G

    Reccomended tire and rim question

    My W124 came with 16 inch alloys from an 2005 slk280, i have no idea what the offset or anything is, but front is running 225/45/16.. the rears as well, well 1 wheel is 205/55/16 for some reason :/ but whats the max i can run on the rears and the front without rubbing even if i lower the car a...
  18. C

    Tire Pressure Monitor

    Looking at the spec on my car (cl55 2001) it should have tire monitors. However it does not come up on the command system it rotates from service-oil-mileage. Is there a way to see if its there? and to try and get working.
  19. N

    Different Rear/front Tire Size?

    Hello to all of you, Is it normal for my 2006 W203 C230 to have a different size tyre (not wheel) at the front than the ones in the rear? I was told that this may not conform to SVA Test. Nikolas
  20. sub_zero

    Tire pressure in W124 E220

    Hi all, I have replaced my tires yesterday,I went for MAXXIS 195/65R15-91H-MAP1. The workshop inflated the tires to 35 bar pressure!!!:confused:,which was weird to me,I asked them why? the recommended pressure for this car is written at the fuel door and it is 29 bar,one guy replied immediately...
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