1. F

    It pays to shop around

    I have been with Tiscali (max package, BB, free calls, line rental all in for £30 - 32 month)for some years but recently started to struggle with wireless connection to laptops. (Mine and our lad's since Christmas). The performance was poor considering a 90-100% reception. So I started to...
  2. SilverSaloon

    tiscali TV service

    hi does anyone have this? I currently have tiscali phone and Broadband but have Sky TV. in an attempt to save some money per month we are trying to get stuff a little cheaper. The whole tiscali phone/broadband and TV package seems quite good - premium package with everything we need and...
  3. oldcro

    Tiscali mail

    Anyone else having a problem downloading their Email from tiscali's server?
  4. Piff


    Does anyone use tiscali? I'm about to change ISP from AOL on a speed & price basis and tiscali seem to be good on both. Anyone changed to them and have any comments - good or bad.
  5. BenzComander

    Tiscali restricting the number of emails per send

    Have a tiscali broadband connection and email address, which we use for sending and receiving email. Recently, Tiscali have been limiting the number of people on the one email to 10 recipients. Anybody else notice this?? If I set my Gmail account as the default email, then it seems I can...
  6. BenzComander

    Tiscali Broadband Modem Problems

    This problem is becoming more and more of a problem! When I turn on my computer everything starts up OK. Launch Outlook to download emails and it asks to dial Tiscali. Press dial and I get an error message that it cant find remote computer and it will redial in 60 seconds. If I then quit...
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