1. A

    CD album titles/track titles do not display

    This is on a 2006 C350 with COMAND (not sure which version it would be?). Since I've had the car, whenever I play CDs the name of the album and the track don't display, it just says 'Track 1'. This is when playing the CD via the multi-changer (the single slot in COMAND has the navigation DVD in...
  2. C

    W209 Comand CD Track Titles

    Hi all, I've retrofitted Comand into my clk 209 55 plate and was wondering if there is a way to get CD's to show title info instead of track one etc, is it possible? I tried MP3 CD's aswell but no luck
  3. O

    Help - Ipod / Audio 20 problem - will not display song titles / artist or artwork

    Hi all, Hopefully you guys can help me? When the iPod is connected it plays songs ok but does display song info, instead it display's random 4 letters for a song. Any ideas how to fix? BTW I have used the interface and iPod cables. Thanks in advance. T
  4. trapperjohn

    No sub titles Agggh

    Just watching Law And Order the new season on the so called Universal Channel. As per thread title. Enjoyment totally ruined by no sub titles (yep I'm mutt and geoff) Hearing aid not a lot of cop. So the Universal Channel aint if you are hard of hearing/deaf. Bu**er. Any idea where to...
  5. SL300-24

    Comand does not read CD Titles

    When I push the magazine button on the comand it reads some CD titles and tracks. It also displays the title and tracks when the CD is playing. However it does not read all of them and just shows 'track 1' or 'track 2' etc. These are all genuine CD's not copies. Is this normal or is there...
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