1. karlos280

    Netflix through my virgin media tivo box

    I've just set up Netflix to work on my tivo box so it now plays through my tv,first month is free then £5.99 thereafter. If you access the apps on your tivo box you will find the Netflix app once there enter your 4 Pin virgin pass code Once you have done that it will take you to a Netflix page...
  2. Koolvin


    This awesome gadget is for sale! fully functional: details: TiVo 6023 it has a Cachecard with 256mb of crucial brand memory it has all the hacks installed (apart from endpad as have un-installed it due to sandertons licensing requirments) it has a super quiet hard to find...
  3. drifting

    Tivo for sale

    My beloved TIVO has to go. Upgraded Hard disk 80GB. All the usual accessories, phone cable, remote, IR blaster. Excellent condition. Make me an offer? Not sure what a Tivo is? then go take a look at www.tivo.co.uk Paul.
  4. guydewdney


    Who else has one? I do - as does Koolvin - theres someone else as well I know.. discovered that the robosapiens responds to my controller (turns right on all commands :crazy: ) do i win the most OT of the day subject? considering theres forums for both the RS and the Tivo
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