1. M

    TMC Tuning Box Via MSL performance

    Hi everyone, Just recently joined the MB forum as I purchased a A45 AMG facelift. Love the car, however looking to get intake and tuning box fitted. Been speaking to MSL and they have offered AMS intake and tuning box from a Company called TMC Motorsport. Has anyone got any experience...
  2. Gollom

    NTG1 and TMC

    I've never yet seen a TMC message - do I need to add anything? Ta!
  3. Pitts Pilot

    Traffic info by radio TMC or TomTom's HD?

    Has anyone got any experience with TMC (Traffic Message Channel) for traffic info, versus TomTom's HD traffic subscription service? I've heard the TomTom traffic info is superior to TMC as TMC can be difficult to pick up in some places, but I have never made a comparison. Comments? Thanks :)
  4. C

    Becker Map Pilot TMC functions

    Hello everybody!:) I am new in the forum and I would like to ask about your experience using the Map Pilot TMC functions. I live in Spain and (probably because in Spain we do not have TMC-Premium) I did not loose TMC when I upgraded to SW 2.0. I mean, I always have been able to seen the...
  5. seech

    Has anyone got a Becker Map Pilot?

    Hi all, Does anyone have a C Class (2011 on) with the Becker Map Pilot sat Nav?? I have had my C Class for over a year now and I have never got the traffic management system (TMC) to work. I have updated the software, enabled all conceivable options, taken it up and down the country etc...
  6. C

    TMC and aux inputs

    My 2004 w211 appears to have TMC in that I have a button marked TMC available from the map. The thing is though, the details it shows have never changed. Is this common? Is there something I need to do to get it to change or does it only work/update when using navigation I.e. following...
  7. T

    COMAND-APS nav v10: France TMC instructions?

    I've just bought an updated map DVD (v10 to replace my v5) from eBay. One of the new features on the disc is TMC coverage in France, but the disc box says to see the instructions to activate it. Sadly, my box didn't contain any instructions. Does anyone know what to do to activate France TMC...
  8. T

    Comand Navigation TMC symbol

    Hi, First post here, new C-class driver! Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the different TMC status indicators mean on the satnav (Comand Online)? There are 5 blocks which "fill up" from left to right and look like a signal indicator or something, and the letters "TMC". I assume...
  9. A


    Morning All, First of all i would like to say thanks to everyone for being so helpful in my previous posts. This forum is a great source of info :thumb: I recently bought an a class (54 plate) and it has a built in comand. I cant seem to the the tmc to work, it just says 'no reception'. I live...
  10. NISFAN

    Does MB TMC work???

    I recently had the UMI/Navigation set-up added to my Audio 20 (2010 C class), and am having a bit of a mare with TMC. Having driven all over the country, I have only had it working twice (same trip up A1 to Darlington, and return journey), other than that the icon is greyed out, and...
  11. yachtman

    What happens to TMC when FM is turned off

    As per the title, is TMC going to remain on FM , or will there be some nodoubt expensive method of transfering a digital signal to fm to enable the tmc in nav to remain functional.
  12. C

    TMC not working on UMI navigation

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum, so hopefully someone can help with my dilemma. I have a 2008 C220 estate and recently had the UMI unit fitted. After a couple of teething problems were sorted, I still don't appear to be able to receive TMC messages. The option is permantly greyed out in the navi...
  13. T


    The Comand unit in my C55 tells me permanently that it has no TMC reception. Any ideas what is wrong? Don't know much about TMC but isn't it supposed to adapt the satnav to route you around congestion etc??
  14. ceticcross

    Help please: w211 2003 e320 Command upgrade for TMC?

    Hi all, first post for a while as I have been reading everyone else. Can anyone please advise me : is it possible to upgrade the Command (not sure exactly which one is fitted)) but the book refers to Command APS! The maps are loaded in the boot and are same age as the car 2003. Does anyone...
  15. IanT

    W210 Comand TMC assistance

    A quick question... On Saturday I pick up my 'new to me' car and it's fitted with the COMAND 2.0 system from 2001. The older COMAND units that use the 'DX' Teleatlas discs had a TMC receiver built in. I've searched and read a few threads that say it's a bit limited, in that you have to be...
  16. T

    COMAND - TMC, Rear, and general FM/AM tuning

    So I got my Euro COMAND installed today, made a hybrid navi DVD with both the MCSII and APS versions and it works like a charm, practically plug-n-play! However I do have a couple questions for you guys, since I have run into a few things I haven't seen on the MCSII COMAND, in the Navi screen...
  17. B

    TMC Observation

    I have a sept 2006 CLs with comand fitted, I just changed from a w203 also with comand. On the w203 TMC used to show traffic jams all the time no matter what radio station the unit was on. Since I have had the CLS I have noticed far less traffic jams showing up on the display. On the way home...
  18. P

    COMAND APS - TMC problem

    Hey guys, Over the last couple of weeks, I have been noticing that the TMC info is not being fully downloaded and applied to the routing and maps. It seems intermittent. Yesterday I actually tuned the primary tuner to Classic FM and it grabbed everything within 2 minutes. (didn't help me...
  19. W


    Do you have to be tuned into Classic FM for TMS to work, and does it work automatically or do i need to select Dynamic routing?
  20. verytalldave

    COMAND - TMC explained

    Even I understand this explanation..................... worth reading to get a grasp what it all means and how it works.......... TMC Explained
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