1. Spinal

    Help with my toad

    Right, some last minute help... As typical, the week before the holidays I lose my car keys. So now I need a new key fob, and the car in question has an aftermarket toad RK30 unit for the remote unlocking part. After spending good part of an hour finding where the unit is (and hence...
  2. reflexboy

    Spotted: 'The Toad'

    Howard, saw you in Hampton earlier-Geez, what polish/wax do you use? Looking uber shiny shiny mate.:thumb:
  3. T

    Toad alarm help

    i had a toad Ai606 fitted in jan this year ive got a problem that the bloke who fitted it is useless the proximity beeping is tooooo sensative and ive no idea how to lower it ive downloaded pdf & word files that are ment to be for it but they dont work, none of the instructions hve any effect...
  4. T

    Toad Ai606 help needed

    i only had this fitted just before xmas and cant find the booklet that came with it the sensors are way to sensative and it can not be left parked anywhere as even somone walking past it sets the warning chirps off vibrations, exhausts, lorries all set it off left it in tescos car park...
  5. crockers

    Toad's car

    Went to "wind in the willows" and this was the car that got Toad excited ....does anyone know what it is?
  6. stats007

    W124 New AMG Exhausts - Mr Toad?

    One for a 6 cylinder car and another for a 4 cylinder version.
  7. R

    Toad Alarms

    Hi, I've been gatting a few quotes to get a new Cat 1 alarm fitted to my 190. I got a good price of £245 fitted for a cat1 Toad alarm at a local approved place. The thing is, I got a phone call, after a request, from GAP security. The guy there said that Toad alarms are a waste of time...
  8. Alps

    Toad Immobiliser NEW

    Brand new boxed toad cat 2 immobiliser £30
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