1. S

    Heater problems/cold toes

    Hi guys drove home with no heater, there is a trickle of hot air from the centre vent but not sure if that is just from the engine or whether it is as simple as the fuse blown, I believe it's a 60 amp fuse, any guidance would be good, save me going blue whilst driving. Thanks for reading
  2. Doodle

    SL Brakes - nothing quite like keeping you on your toes...

    Came to replace the front discs and pads on the SL500 today, so duly popped off to GSF Heathrow to pick up the requisite parts. Get home, calipers off, old discs off, new discs on, calipers back on. And something clearly isn't right here :confused: The disc is hitting the pad lugs on...
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