1. Happytalk73

    Toilet seat advice

    I've been meaning to ask for a long time. We have an Egg/pod style toilet in our main bathroom. The plastic seat has gone a really off white colour (see pic). It's only ever been cleaned with heavily diluted Bathroom cleaner so not sure why it's gone this colour. I've tried many times to...
  2. whitenemesis

    Toilet Swirl

    Cheesy but entertaining and educational The Truth About Toilet Swirl - Smarter Every Day & Veritasium ? Smarter Every Day
  3. Deane x

    100 year old toilet destroyed by e bay seller

    Right I buy and restore vintage items and sell them back on , any how I bought a 100 year old toilet with toilet seat ,and it arrived today smashed ....the reason being the seller just put it in a box and posted it with parcel force ,No bubble wrap, not secure the metal brackets so they swing...
  4. SportsCoupeRich

    leaking toilet

    one of the toilets is leaking out the bottom when you flush it. tips to diy fix it? what is the likely cause? is it something that needs tightening or do i just seal the bottom with a sealant? if so which?
  5. Alfie

    Ryanair standing 'seats' - £4 plus £1 for the toilet

    Unbelieveable - Ryanair to sell standing room only tickets for £4... funded by charging passengers to use the toilet | Mail Online This just re-affirms my belief that ryanair are the lowest quality, naffest, chavvy airline ever!
  6. BTB 500

    Funny sign seen on ladies toilet today

    Saw this sign on the door of a ladies toilet today ... seemed a bit discriminatory?!
  7. Meldrew2

    Police need to fill in a form to order toilet roll

    BBC News - Police station red tape attacked Couldn't they just use the form instead? Then again, as this came from the Daily Express, perhaps they could use that august journal........ .
  8. Godot

    Interactive toilet makes a splash

    Interactive toilet makes a splash!
  9. jimti

    more toilet humour

    Ha Ha Ha
  10. Spinal

    Toilet Humour

    Have a read... especially blu-tone's posts.... I can't stop laughing...and am only halfway through! Michele
  11. Steve_Perry

    ILS Toilet Navigation?? :D S.
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