1. brucemillar

    Toll Crossings -The impact on ?

    Folks A great thread on the 'new' Forth Road Bridge crossing in Scotland, and a comment by DRUK about the fact no crossing in Scotland is charged, got me thinking. I am regular business & social user of the QE2 - Dartford Crossing in Kent. I have been for many years and for many years have...
  2. carnut

    Sanef toll tag

    Does anyone have experience of a sanef toll tag position on the windscreen of a SL 400 or any other Mercedes-Benz with the rear view mirror area completely covered by a plastic cover for rain sensor etc?
  3. Z

    M6 Toll Road being sold

    Well the loss making M6 toll Road is up for sale,the original owners packed in years ago,unable to show a profit,so it is the consortium of banks who took it over that are trying to sell it now,they seem to think now is the right time to sell,they want somewhere around £2 billion for it,of...
  4. developer

    Driver Caught At 145mph on M6 Toll

    Absolutely shocking... Fancy having cameras on a private motorway where you've paid good money to give your pride and joy a decent three figure blast :devil:. M6 Toll speeding driver caught at 145mph - Birmingham Mail
  5. BTB 500

    Dartford crossing toll booths end on Sunday

    In case you hadn't heard, the toll booths on the Dartford crossing close on 30th November and it will then no longer be possible to pay as you cross: Obviously they would like people to pre-pay, because then...
  6. W

    Liber-t toll transponder tag

    I have a 2008 E320 CDI Avantgarde Estate and would like to know if there is a general location on the windscreen for the tag. The instructions show it should be fitted behind the rear-view mirror, in the "mottled" area, but there is no room due to the rain sensor. This location is preferred if...
  7. s88

    M6 toll

    Can anyone advise if travelling from the North to Birmingham Airport do you hit the M6 toll if you get off M1 at J23 Kegworth and go down A42? Thanks, S88
  8. The _Don

    Job fears and abuse take toll on bankers' health- study

    Fears of job cuts and "banker bashing" are taking a toll on the health of bank workers of all levels, according to an international study published on Wednesday that follows a trail of burnouts and tragedies in the world of finance. The study by Swiss-based UNI Global Union found more than 80...
  9. Spinal

    SANEF Toll Tag

    Eurotunnel are doing a special offer (Sanef Tolling - Eurotunnel Le Shuttle) on the SANEF toll tag (a little gadget that helps you beat the queues on french toll booths... in theory). Question is, have people found these of use? I usually pay by card at the booths, and can't think of times...
  10. effbee584

    French Toll Road Sanef Tag

    Just been offered one of these via Eurotunnel, at a modest saving, seems like a no-brainer so ordered one. The instructions are very definitive that it should go in the hatched area of windscreen behind rvm. On the CLS there is no spare hatched area to stick the thing, so it will have to go in...
  11. Palfrem

    Trucks to travel free on M6 Toll Road

    BBC News - Lorries to access M6 toll road for free throughout July This should be interesting... Any empty M6 with nothing to pay.
  12. D

    Automatic Toll Payment Device

    I'm off to Spain this summer in my 18 month old SLK. To cut down on the hassle of using the Spanish Toll booths in a R/H drive car, I thought I'd hire one of those automated toll payment devices. They are called Via-T devices and stick on the inside of your windscreen - close to the interior...
  13. martyp87

    3 weeks of Winter took its toll...

    Previous two weekends I've been on-call so just sitting around the house but the weather was horrid so I couldn't wash the car and I knew I had to do something this weekend - even if it was just flushing out the arches and underbody... In the morning I changed the pollen filter as the HVAC...
  14. verytalldave

    Dartford river crossing new toll charges

    Please see table below for new charges to be introduced. This is despite a promise to remove the tolls once the crossings had been paid for.
  15. Nik_Endeavour

    Toll Roads in Britain

    Intereting this idea of Mssers' Cameron and Osborne BBC News - Private cash needed to boost roads network, says David Cameron
  16. robert.saunders

    One-way M25 Dartford toll considered

    The southbound toll at the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex could be scrapped to help cut congestion. Transport Minister Sadiq Khan said one-way charging was one of two options being considered to help traffic flow and improve safety. Also, I note that the AA have stated that the...
  17. saorbust

    M6 Toll Road Variable Speed Cameras

    Anyone know if these things are armed, if they are showing nothing (in other words national speed limit applies) Driving back from Knutsford today, noted an awful lot of people on the toll road going rather rapidly, and seemingly ignoring the cameras. If it did pop up with a Red Circle and a...
  18. flango

    Beware of Toll charges in Greece

    Thought you might appreciate the new method of taking toll charges in Greece. Think I'll stick with the E-Pass thanks !!!
  19. Gollom

    I hate the M6 - plus question re toll

    Took almost 5 hours to get home from Birmingham to Nelson (125 miles) this afternoon - agggghhhhhhh :crazy: No visible accidents or anything; just dire weather, too much traffic and worsening lane discipline. I swear I could have done well over 50% of the journey on the inside lane and got home...
  20. F

    Speeding on M6 Toll Road

    Following on from a debate on Talksport this morning, just wondering has anyone here ever actually been done for speeding on the toll road?
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