1. geek

    COmand Tom Tom traffic alerts

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether the 3 year subscription that comes with the W222 comand for traffic updates etc can be extended. I assume it can. On previous mercedes there was no subscription and traffic updates were free. A friend has one and is concerned that it runs out soon and doesn't...
  2. D

    New or used Becker Pilot vs Tom Tom

    Hello all, picking up my first Merc this weekend and can't wait. With regards to the sat nav , would you recommend buying the Becker pilot for the car or an external device ??? Would a second hand Becker do the job , plenty around on eBay ? Can you help please ? Cheers Dave
  3. sjmaxwell

    E63 detailing by Tom's Autocare

    Had Tom (Mobile Detailing, Chatham, Rochester, Hempstead, Rainham, Gillingham, Medway, Kent) round the last few days doing a detail on my E63, really impressive results!! Thought I would post a few pictures here of his great work
  4. smillion

    Command online with Tom Tom traffic

    For some reason the live traffic information has stopped working such that regardless of where I navigate to, there are no traffic problems to be had. In contrast to the Map app no my HTC, and the fact that I'm actually sitting in a jam! Any thoughts what can be done to rectify? It's on a...
  5. smillion

    Command using Tom Tom, but no camera data

    Well, the latest Comand as far as i know, Internet access when stationery and the navigation provided by Tom Tom with a three year subscription.......and still you have to faff about with an SD card to import Personal Points of Interest to download £20 of data from pocketgps world dot com. Why...
  6. WDB124066

    Tom's A124...

    Mercedes Benz E Class 300CE | eBay
  7. Meldrew2

    Tom Finney

    RIP Sir Tom. Sir Tom Finney - obituary - Telegraph A sporting legend and a true gentleman. Never booked, he spent his entire career playing for the same team.
  8. Rupert44

    Tom Senior Universal Milling Machine

    Tom Senior Uni Milling machine Some tooling £Offers or PM me Collection only SY13 area Lots of other stuff from the garage for sale and even the HOUSE itself
  9. reflexboy

    Tom Tom website down?

    Trying to update my 'Go' anyone else having problems this evening?
  10. wobbly

    Tom Tom with a difference !

    Read the description ...... TomTom GO 700 Automotive GPS Receiver | eBay
  11. J

    Tom Tom Live Traffic

    I just had an email from Tom Tom with this link. Great if your starting out and if you have Internet on the move Live Traffic
  12. Alfie

    My trip to France in the C55 with tom tom and comand!

    One of my trips to France before christmas was in the C55. As I had a Tom Tom (for use in the van) I took it with me and decided to use both to see how they compared to each other. Putting aside the asthetics of trailing wires and separate screens, here is how they performed. The comand...
  13. M

    Tom Walkinshaw

    Sad news. News > Tom Walkinshaw loses fight to cancer -
  14. S

    Tom Tom XL classic - difference with v2?

    I have just picked up a Tom Tom XL classic from halfords - ordered on line and dashed in to pick it up - got it home and it does not say v2 anywhere on the box. I think the difference between the original and the version 2 is post code entry - does anyone know if this is correct? Dont want to...
  15. M

    02 XDA IIi / 2i PDA phone, + tom tom GPS (Bluetooth)

    All Original discs Boxes & software for both the XDA, & the TOMTOM maps etc... This phone was an un-wanted upgrade, So is AS new & complete with EVERYTHING... £99.ono Collected May post....
  16. culpano

    Quick questions on Tom Tom

    Hi folks, to save me loads of effort trawling around websites, forums etc I know I'll be able to get a quick answer on here. My missus has picked up her new Vauxhall Corsa (what a fab car it is - I'm gobsmacked at the quality and refinement for a small car - it's brilliant). I am going to treat...
  17. A

    tom tom sat nav

    Has anyone got a tom tom v5 uk iq if so any opinions on them would be much appreciated
  18. Alfie

    Tom Tom for iphone is now available

    Out today and avaialable from the itunes store. At long last..............
  19. reflexboy

    Tom Tom problem

    I have a TomTom Go Classic and have just upgraded to the latest firmware, updated the maps etc. One really annoying thing it now does; is that everytime I plug in the charger, either car or mains, it turns the unit on. Any idea why it does this and what can be done to stop it? TIA. Jim
  20. marty359

    Tom Tom One V4

    Hi, Does anyone on here own one of these? If the tomtom was switched on and plugged into the cigarette lighter socket(thats switched with the ignition)would it turn itself off with the car and then back on again when you start the car? Thanks Marty
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