1. Darrell

    Oxi Day tommorrow

    Tommorrow is Oxi (no) day, google it. This is the old harbour at 9.20 this morning with the bunting up. Gonna be a lovely day.
  2. Alps

    E55 in for its B service tommorrow

    Warranty runs out end of this month and at £3K its not getting renewed got a list of niggles for the dealer to look at and getting its B service done whilst its there, will report back on how it all goes! next A service will be dealer again as its fairly reasonable, after that i will take...
  3. C

    DIY Comand Repair tommorrow - any tips?

    Ok Ive got tommorrow off :bannana:, and my new Gyro arrived yesterday in the post, so gonna bite the bullet and try and remove the comand from my W210 :confused:. Any tips on this? Ive seen a mini guide on on how they come apart, but wondered if there was anything else I...
  4. Z

    £20 motorola bluetooth car hands free. TOMMORROW

    If you go to the Link tommorrow you will be able to pick up a Motorola HF800 for £20 instead of the usual £50. I'm not sure if its any good but you cant go wrong for £20, just giving everyone a heads up. Mods; sorry if this should have been in another section but I put it here because its...
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