1. pauljbpaul

    Seeking early 129 two tone colour code

    Hello all, My 1990 500SL is arctic white, a little too much arctic white as its had the plastics colour coded instead of the original two tone it came with, i love the early two tone look so want to have the plastics repainted, i contacted mercedes for the lower colour code and they gave me...
  2. J

    C43 Amg 2 tone interior seat colour matched

    Well after sending off my headrest i have just had a batch of dye matched up to my 2 tone c43 amg seats ( silver/grey ) part. will be getting the kit next week so will post the results up here and with the company info. they have made a note of the match so it can be re ordered if needed in the...
  3. D

    W215 2 little problems (parktronic and error message tone)

    Hi all, I have a W215 2002 CL55 I have 2 little problems I'm trying to get to the bottom of the 1st is the parktronic seems to be dead the button dose nothing (no light) and the system dosen't activate when selecting reverse, I've checked the 10a fuse under the back seats and I've checked...
  4. T

    Yellow triangle and tone warning of ???????

    Heading back down mmmm25 today 2 miles after fueling up and momentarily the yellow warning triangle flashed up on dash and a beep was heard, car seemed to accelerate ok (was under med/heavy acceleration at the time) no display message was seen but it happened about 4 or 5 times within a min and...
  5. J

    C43 amg 2 tone interior..!!

    just spoke to the guy and he wants £275 for the interior, i guess you might be able to haggle a bit.. am tempted to buy it as a spare but i havent the money... could do with a replacement drivers base... anyways maybe someone on here is looking for a c43 amg 2 tone interior, might go...
  6. S

    W211 2008 Low tone horn?

    I got my first Merc, a 2008 E220CDi Avantgarde a few months ago. I tried the horn for the first time the other day and was surprised that it is only a single high tone which doesn't really suit the car at all. Is it supposed to have a low tone horn as well? Thanks
  7. N

    W220 S430L Two Tone one off!!!!

    Used as a wedding car most of the time and a daily driver Has been painted two different Silver's to give it a retro look which older 1950/60 cars had (Rollers and Bentley's) On bottom a standard Mercedes Silver and on top a Maybach Dark Silver The two colour's are separated:bannana: by...
  8. 300CE

    1999 mercedes e55 amg v8 auto saloon silver 2 tone leather no reserve!

  9. M

    w124 coupe interior two tone leather

    Not factory, but looks quite good all the same (The colour scheme, not the condition) W124 Mercedes leather seats | eBay
  10. nick mercedes

    2 tone 204

  11. MOR8A

    can the ring tone in a W211 be changed?

    can the ring tone in a W211 be changed? Just a point of curiosity really?
  12. M

    Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

    A friend of mine, a motoring journalist, wastes no opportunity to point out how Germanic in tone (if not accent) he finds the voice of the (NTG1) sat nav lady whenever he travels in my SLK. This has tended to bemuse me somewhat, as I've always found "her" voice to be quite amenable. And yet, he...
  13. Sbryantgb

    Two tone or solid

    Warmer weather will soon be upon us, and it will be time for a respray. I can't decide though on wether to keep the car in a two tone scheme or go for just one solid colour The angle and lighting in the top picture makes the car almost appear to be a single solid colour, the lower...
  14. amg3.6

    C43 Two Tone Interior seen on ebay

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  15. Tan

    Text message tone

    Hi Firstly, please don't laugh.... I have just downloaded the new SLS app for the iPhone and it has some sound clips, does anyone know if it would be possible to use one of these as a message alert and also how would I go about doing it. Many thanks Tan
  16. K

    Two tone (top/body) SLKs..?

    Does anyone have photos of a two tone SLK..?
  17. EDZ649

    W210 AMG Two Tone Steering Wheel

    Mercedes AMG steering wheel on eBay (end time 12-Jan-10 17:26:06 GMT)
  18. d w124

    c43 two tone seats

    Mercedes C Class W202 C43 AMG Two Tone Leather Interior on eBay (end time 12-Dec-09 17:20:48 GMT)
  19. culpano

    New BT Freestyle 210 handsets - no dial tone

    Perhaps I am being really thick here but.... I've just bought a pair of Freestyle 210 handsets, charged it overnight and set it up this morning. Everything seems to be powered up but when I press the talk button there is no dialtone. Do I have to be with BT for it to work ? I moved to...
  20. P

    Artico Alpaca/Black 2 tone combination on C Class Coupe 57

    Hello, looking to buy a C Class Coupe with this combination. The advert states it is a leather combination, the dealer not sure and the brochure says it is all man made and not leather. Any advice on this please. If it's not leather then is it still a decent substitute? Thanks Dan:bannana:
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