1. grober

    Patagonia Special TONITE!

    Yes folks after months of waiting----- see 3 English blokes get out of their depth with the natives in South America- part 1 TONIGHT beeb 2 8.30pm. Oh and there's some incidental stuff about cars in there too. And you thought the Darien scheme was bad! ;)
  2. E

    M53 tonite nice C63

    Maybe you are on here?about 16 20 headed towards Heswall Barnston?
  3. grober

    New Series Fifth Gear On At 8 Tonite

    New series of Fifth Gear on tonight at 8pm for anyone interested. Features Joe Calzaghe going off road with Tiffany Dell and VBH driving a Ferrari California ---among other things.
  4. grober

    Veg oil site fryin tonite.

    Came across this site today. Some good pics of conversions :eek: :eek: For all you grease-monkeys out there. "Nothin left but tyre smoke and a smell of chips on the breeze" :) :)
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