1. B

    Thoroughly recommend Tony Fowkes for Bodywork

    Just to thank the Forum for pointing me in the direction of Andy at Tony Fowkes to get my ML sorted after its run-in with a wheelie bin. Can't believe how good it looks and he relacquered the two black pillars at the back that had flaked off over the 12 years the car's been on the road. Sent...
  2. The Boss

    awesome work on my 212 by Tony Fowkes Automobiles

    Alright folks So a quick write up on recent works to my 212 recently, was lightly shunted to the rear of my car and put it through 3rd party insurance. Have used Andy here before but it had been a while since we last met and i knew i would want to use him the damage was light, but he managed...
  3. ItalianTuneUp

    Tony Blackburn to sue BBC

    Tony Blackburn: I've been 'hung out to dry' by BBC Tony Blackburn has said the BBC "hung me out to dry" over the Jimmy Savile inquiry and he will sue the corporation where he worked for nearly 50 years.
  4. Jeff666

    Tony Fowkes

    Had some extensive bodywork done by Tony Fowkes in Park Royal (as recommended on this forum). I cannot recommend them highly enough, sometimes you have to call it out and I'm happy to do so! Excellent work, very friendly and trustworthy... Not sure you can ask for more!!:thumb: J.
  5. Jeff666

    Tony Fowkes

    Have to call it as you see it. Outstanding. Attention to detail, paint job... All in all would take a bit of beating. For me straight up, honest and Andy is a nice bloke. J.
  6. I

    Tony Banks Leeds....

    Fitted my GS430 with a full exhaust system. Really good work by great blokes. Even though It was a full system, it came in at around £750. Top marks:thumb:
  7. Palfrem

    Tony Benn RIP

    Amazed we don't have a thread on this venerable old campaigner yet. A true conviction politician. So few like him remain in the Commons these days.
  8. markjay

    Another Thank You to Tony Bones at WIM

    Once again it was time to go see Tony at Wheels in Motion. Wheel Alignment Experts Chesham | Car Tyres Fitting and Wheel Alignment Specialists Extremely professional service, honest advice, and very reasonable prices... as per usual with WIM I might add. Thank you very much Tony.
  9. M

    Tony Fowkes - highly recommended

    The SLK's been with Tony Fowkes for a little TLC. Top item on the fix list was the out-of-sight, out-of-mind split in the lower front bumper, which I've been forgetting to get sorted ever since it happened in October 2011. :o Then there was a nasty scratch in the passenger door, which was...
  10. DSM10000

    Tony Nicklinson dies:

    The death of Tony Nicklinson who lost his appeal in the High Court last week for the right to die following his paralysis from a stroke has been announced. May the gentleman now rest in peace. BBC News - Right-to-die man Tony Nicklinson dead My thoughts are with his family for what must be a...
  11. Godot

    The Hunt for Tony Blair

  12. W

    Announcement from Tony at WiM

    I have copied this from the MX5 forum. Very sad news indeed.
  13. splang

    Tony Purslow - MB Basingstoke

    Took my car in for its first service today. Got in at 9am as arranged for a while you wait service. I was told it would take 1.5 to 2 hours. I had arranged to meet a friend shortly after 11am so I was clear on this point. I eventually left a little after midday. I spoke to the service manager...
  14. C43AMG

    Tony Purslow

    Took the C43 for "A" Service + MOT this morning. While i was waiting the service man came and told me that the car needed new Spark Plugs, i told him they had been fitted at 50,000 miles some 16,000 miles ago. He said he could not stamp the Service Book unless he had proof that they had...
  15. toolman1954

    Tony Hart R.I.P.

    Tony Hart R.I.P. 18th Jan 2009 How sad to see the demise of this great artist. I can rememeber watching my grans t.v. in the 50's and being fascinated for ages as he drew his pictures. I tried so...
  16. M

    Tony Purslow Basingstoke

    Big up to Tony Purslow in Basingstoke who have just done some work for me on my W210 Collected the car from my house 25 miles away and delivered back after a service FOC. The "A" service cost a little over £200 with their scheme for cars 6 years and older and there is a discount on parts as...
  17. jeremytaylor

    Tony Purslow Guildford

    I am pleased to report a good experience at TPs (not for the first time). My C320 started making a strange noise, that to my ear sounded like a sticking brake caliper or wheel bearing The warranty runs out next month, and so unannounced I turn up at TP and they agree to look at it. A couple...
  18. ANP320

    Good service on warranty repair from Tony Purslow

    Pleased to report my good experience of a warranty repair carried out by Tony Purslow. Both front panels replaced and they found rust just under the wheel arch on the rear panels and so shot blasted, primed and re-painted them as well. I hadn't spotted the rust at the rear and so had not...
  19. BTB 500

    Tony Purslow M-B no more?

    Noticed this morning that the Tony Purslow group no longer lists M-B as a marque ... just Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep: Tony Purslow Something to do with the M-B / Chrysler split? The branch I use is now Mercedes-Benz of Guildford Although if you burrow down a bit you will still find...
  20. Spinal

    Tony Blair is an actor

    So maybe they do have something going there... I guess that to be classified as an actor you need to be very good at pretending to be someone else... so maybe Blair would classify as an actor!
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