1. shanksy

    W208 Climate Control Removal Tools

    Hi All, Does anyone know a quality provider of the little tools you need to remove the climate control. I've already purchased some off ebay and I know they were cheap, but they are too thick and barely go through the width of the outer plastic. There certainly don't get anywhere near as...
  2. PaulXC

    CLS W218 & E Class Space Saver Spare Wheel & Tools

    CLS W218 & E E Class W212 Space Saver Spare Wheel, Brace & Jack All Mercedes parts: Part numbers: Wheel A2124013302 Jack A212580018 Brace A2215810001 Wheel - unused but a couple of odd marks from storage. I bought it for my 2015 Shooting Break which came without a spare...
  3. gaz_l

    Petrol engined garden tools

    Greetings, citizens. After a bit of advice re. the above. SWMBO is starting to bang on about trimming the hedge in the back garden as it's untidy (read out of control). She's got a point, if I'm honest. Yew, I believe, and about 8 foot high - it needs a good 2 foot lopping off the top and both...
  4. A

    Recommended tools and general suggestions for w219 lower ball joint removal

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out what tools (by brand/location) you guys recommend when it comes to ball splitting and removal/install . Is the stuff on ebay ok or is it just badly made putty? anything to go for or avoid? I've gleaned a good idea on how to go about the job from searches on...
  5. J

    Cheap Diagnostic Scan Tools...

    Hi there, First post here, although I did join a few days or so ago! :) Also if this is in the wrong section then sorry, and I appreciate this type of thread probably gets asked a lot, but I couldn’t find any suitable threads online! Two weeks ago today I bought my dad a 2008 SLK200...
  6. M

    best detailing products and tools

    Hello all. So I've just took ownership of a 1999 w210 e240 Now I appreciate it's not the most amazing car that Mercedes has ever built but it's in pretty good condition for a 1999 Has some rust bubbles on arches as you would expect however the rest of the car is mint. I have just cleaned...
  7. B

    SBC OBD reset tools on E-BAY

    Anyone know if the OBD SBC reset tools work, anyone bought and used one. Seems like a cheap option against a new unit or having it reset by a specialist. My car is at 115k miles and still on its original pump which still works fine so if I got one would it still reset it ok
  8. Gledsyc63

    Snap on tools + blue point

    1 3/8 80 tooth ratchet good condition 1 3/8 fod 30 tooth ratchet excellent condition 1 1/4 tm830 30 tooth ratchet ok condition 2 blue point extensions 3 inch and 6 inch £95 including postage
  9. nick mercedes

    Tools for sale

    Husky (home depot USA) stubby spanners sae and metric £15 the set inc postage
  10. nick mercedes

    Tools for sale

    SK spanners (made in USA) £20 the set inc postage
  11. nick mercedes

    Tools for sale

    Set of 20 Husky (home depot USA) spanners 10 metric 10 sae Never been used £20 the set inc postage
  12. Marku

    Special tools

    Have been rebuilding the engine on the 116 and the manual always lists the special tools necessary. Most can be replaced by standard tools but some of them do make life easier. Most recently MB were quite happy to sell me the valve spring tool but now will not sell me the offset hex socket...
  13. P

    W124 Rear Self levelling suspn TOOLS

    What Tools , Spanners equip do I need to undo and replace [ new parts] pipe joints, spheres, valve, pump and fluid system on 1992 W124 estate Self -Levelling Rear Suspension. Cannot remove pipe union from under the Sphere - badly rusted. Even with the sphere...
  14. B

    C63 T Boot tools?

    Hi Guys, what tools do you have in your boot? I think I'm missing some tools?? ( see picture)
  15. K

    Woodworking tools

    I have a few bits for sale, but will need collecting from Didcot. Jet Mortise drill with 8,10 & 12mm bits hardly used £125 Axminster CT340 Thicknesser very little use £175 Some old coffin planes offers SDS Auger bits £20 B&D Router KW850E £45 Ryobi Router £30 Trend Router table...
  16. MD5

    Professional garden power tools stolen

    My brother in law is a one man gardening band, and has just had the following stolen from his van overnight: 1 Sthil petrol hedge trimmer 1 Stihl petrol combi tool and attachments (strimmer,lawn edger and long adjustable hedge trimmer 1 Stihl petrol leaf blower/vacuum About £2k to...
  17. astamir

    w211 front suspension dissasembling tools

    Hi guys Help needed in what tools can I use to dissassemble the front suspension as the spring snapped on mine and when trying to take the top mount off the shock absorber shaft spins with the top bolt. What tool can i use to hold the shaft still? Thanks
  18. 219

    EOBD diagnostic tools

    Further to my thread in the 'engine' section ( ) asking about DIY diagnostic tools , which can be plugged into the EOBD port on newer cars and used to display fault codes , I thought it worth starting a more...
  19. jamesfuller

    Snap on and Mac tools

    Having a clear out and selling some duplicates and unused stuff. Offering to forum goers before I put them on auction site. Various screwdrivers good condition £10 each or offers for the lot! Super flexy Mac ratchet only used once £40 Unused 3/8 drive wobbly impact sockets £70...
  20. spinaltap

    Bosch or Ryobi Garden Tools?

    Most of my powered garden tools that have served me well for many years are manufactured by Black and Decker. I'm considering buying some new kit, the first of which will be a powered pole pruner/saw (cheaper than constantly employing an arborist) - followed later by a cordless mower (because...
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