1. Bereavement

    W164 ICE, iPod & Blue tooth

    Hi, I have just taken had taken out of my 2005 W164 the Audio 20 stereo, iPod adapter and Bluetooth adapter.... Would they be of interest on here before they go on eBay? Audio20 MF2510 inc owners manual genuine Ipod adapter B6 782 42 52 inc owner manual genuine Blue tooth B6 787 58 77...
  2. S

    Clk280 convertible. 2005 slipped tooth

    Hi all. I have the option to buy a mercedes w209 2005 clk280 101k miles for £600. The engine seems to have slipped a tooth and doesnt start. The assumption is that the chain has slipped, a number of valves have bent hence the owner wants to get rid. Ive been reading about these engines...
  3. D

    Blue Tooth Phone Problem

    Hi Lads. Merc c.class c220 cdi 2008 estate. tried to connect my phone samsung galaxy s3 to blue tooth. Phone Connects but not address book. Instructions say "After confirming passkey by selecting ok a pop up box should appear" Contacts/phone book request MB would like to access phone book...
  4. R

    Parking Pilot blu tooth range

    Hello everyone, I am the new owner of an E class 220d estate W213. The cars great, however, I have a very first world issue! Has anyone else got a problem with the range of Parking Pilot? I have a Sony Xperia Z3 compact and have to stand withing a foot or so of the dash to connect (after...
  5. M

    Blue Tooth Controller

    MERCEDES W211 BLUETOOTH CONTROL UNIT A2118701885 | eBay Might be of interest to someone?
  6. S

    blue tooth again

    hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows how to pair my nokia N8 to my v2sap, I can only use it by putting my sim card directly into it. Some people have said that you dont pair ur phone to ur car, u pair the car to the phone .??????? Any suggestions anyone thanks:dk:
  7. S

    visio blue tooth anyone

    Ok I got my visio blue tooth and all was well untill i disconected it :( It works but you cant turn up the speaker volume so prity usless as you cant here the caller :confused: Anyone ? Ste .
  8. Geezer

    Blue Tooth Earpiece

    In my part time (anti boredom) job I am driving a lot of different new cars and am looking for a decent Blue Tooth earpiece to pair with my Blackberry Storm. I bought a cheepie from Halfords for a tenner but the battery life is pretty poor. Any recommendations guys?
  9. Ian Hunt

    Blue Tooth Adaptor for a 2004 A Class

    We've just bought a low mileage A160CDI Avantgarde for my wife & it has a Mercedes Nokia cradle in the armrest. I've had a look round at available BT adaptors for it & am not quite sure what to look for, most info talks about compatibility with bigger Mercs, Command etc. I figured that the...
  10. J

    Blue tooth on CLS

    I have just picked up my new (well, 55 model) CLS55 and I'm looking at the toys. In the centre consol is what looks like a 6310i cradele and when I connect my Viseeo handset my blackberry worked through command. On further playing I found a bluetooth option on the command, but a search of...
  11. B

    VISEOO / Blue tooth phone

    Please excuse my ignorance - age gives me a total lack of confidence with IT/mobile communication systems. I have a 2007 CLS. It has COMMAND & hands free phone cradle fitted for my very old Nokia - works very well. I would like to upgrade my phone to a Blackberry - which is bluetooth...
  12. barryj

    Nokia Blue tooth kit

    Hi I have just bought a new car with a Nokia blue tooth hands free kit fitted, joy I thought! however it is slightly different to the kit in my other car (gold remote button rather than silver) and I cann't pair it with my phone in the same way that I do with the kit I am used to. Looking on...
  13. Venomous

    Audio 20 and Blue Tooth Phone Prep Module

    Well I'm in a bit of pickle... My local Independent has installed the MB Phone Prep module in my car, and it was expected to work with the Audio 20 unit. Everything works fine in diagnostic mode, phone system works perfectly. But it won't hold the settings and reverts back to the original...
  14. G

    Blue tooth help

    I would like to use a blue tooth phone with my E 280 CDI avantgarde. It is not pre-wirred and has a command APS, could someone please advise what I need to do/buy
  15. M

    E200 Planatary Tooth gone !!! Dentist needed

    Yesterday, my auto box was making unusual noise after going just 200metres, so drove home and asked my service guy to take a look at it (he works from home and is merc specialist) He said he drove it home to his house and just about got it home (4 miles) and his friend, a gearbox specialist...
  16. Tan

    Free Blue Tooth Headset

    Hi A friend pointed me in the direction of this today:;action=display;num=1104353802 The phone and PAYG sim card, can then be sold leaving you with a nice FREE Bluetooth Headset. I have one of these and they are...
  17. Tan

    O/T Blue tooth car kits

    Hi I currently have Nokia car kits fitted in two of the cars that I drive, however I have changed phone and now mainly use a Nokia 8910i for which there is no proper car kit. I was using a PAYG chip in my old phone and using the old car kits but this is becoming fairly expensive and annoying...
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