1. E

    Old topic.... pulling to the left / right. W204 C63

    I remember my last C63 slightly pulled to the left and MB explained it as a side effect of the car being designed for the LHD market thus feeling the effect of camber on the correct side of the road. Did anyone ever get to solving this? My new C63 is also pulling fractionally to the Left! I...
  2. C

    Off topic: Where can I find an Isabikes Discount code?

    I searched online to try and find a dicount code for kids Islabikes website, but can't find one. Does anyone know if they do exist and where to find one? I note there is a box on the check out screen of their website Many thanks in advance
  3. s88

    Off topic Vegggie and GF in S-Yorks

    I appreciate there are some gastro's on here and the "curry club" so can anyone advise of any suitable places( pub or restaurant) that do veggie and GF in South Yorks. I have a visitor next week and would not like to see them starve or have a mediocre choice of dishes in our pubs North of...
  4. S

    Off topic: poor quality Land Rover leather

    After some wrangling my local dealer has agreed to take out and 'refinish ' the front seats in my 15k mile Discovery HSE, which started looking ropey after about 3 months. Leather quality is p*ss poor so, unless they do an exceptional job, I'll press for full replacements. The leather...
  5. R

    Way off topic ...

    Saw the Microsoft courtesy electric shuttle bus just now on its way to MS HQ, opposite which I work. Asked for a lift and the driver refused! Pretty shoddy customer service. I've put a lot of business their way over the years; must run into thousands! Yes, shoddy. RayH
  6. L

    Slightly off topic question regarding Autotrader

    From what I've seen with private ads there is a maximum time for an advert run of around 5 weeks then the person has to take out another advert. Do traders have an option to have the advert online permanently until they make a sale as some seem to be for sale for ages without selling and if they...
  7. E

    Slightly off topic...

    Our Miele washing machine refused to suck in the fabric conditioner due to the jets been blocked, i removed the part several times but could only clean part of it as it was a sealed unit. As we had breakdown cover i gave DG a call & they sent a Miele engineer out, the technique he used to...
  8. S

    Central Heating Question - off topic

    I have a worcester boiler 24cdi and need to replace the Pressure Release Valve, the part is £12 but I cant find a step by step guide to show me how. If I can do it I would like to, unless its a job for the expert??
  9. wheels-inmotion

    It belongs to you.....( geometry related topic )

    Please can i enforce the fact that any geometry ( tracking ) measurements taken of your car that the results albeit in or outside of warranty belong to you. You have the right to see/ own the results from the geometric test, it's your car warranty or not! Time and time again owners are fobbed...
  10. Gucci

    Way off topic: Who shops at Holland & Barrett?

    Apart from Kim Wilde! This is a work question as I disagree with the kind of shop this is. He classes this as a 'value led' store. I think it's a lifestyle store that has lost its way. Windows always slashing prices etc etc which I think cheapen the brand. What are your thoughts?
  11. jpskiller

    Not really off topic

    hi, me again just updated my classified add feel free to check it out:D
  12. L

    Odd topic but.. I have not hot water!!

    Ok, just found I have no hot water.. had a bit of a test session on the Immersion tank and the bottom ele,ment is almost open circuit the top element is 18.5 ohms. The bottom element is used for off peak heating an is only just getting the tank up to 30-40 degrees on the stat. My thinking is...
  13. Dieter

    New ML (off topic)

    Hi Stever, Frankly I can't see the point of your comment (except to prove John right ;) yet again). This whole issue has been done to death on several previous threads. If you can't add anything new to the debate don't bother. Cheers ;)
  14. L

    New ML (on topic)

    New ML Has anyone seen the new ML in the flesh? What is the verdict? I have to own up and say I was rather disappointed with it. The interior is still not up to the VW Tourarag and there is the odd quirky thing on the exterior. Just below the fuel filler, there is a ridge which just begs to be...
  15. splang

    Just a small sporting topic...

  16. P

    Very off topic !

    Just read this ... WTF ??? :eek:
  17. R

    Islam Homework.(Very Off Topic!)

    Someone out there must know the answer? Is it the case that Moslims believe that they will get to heaven if they kill an infidel. a. Is this statement true? b. What is the definition of an infidel? Thanks Guys! Edit: is there a reliable simple website that will confirm the answer in...
  18. T

    Another Command topic!

    Lol i was just reading Shudes topic on fitting command to the C-class merc, and it looks really good. I jus posted a topic on why my stereo wasn't working, I think instead of getting a new CD player i may opt for this. But my interior is a little diffrent, it has a plastic opening under the...
  19. Bugblatter

    I know this is not a Merc topic but . . . .

    My wife has a 2003 VW Polo with 7,000 miles on it and the offside brake light has failed. Guess what? YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT TO THE DEALER TO CHANGE THE BULB! I can't believe it! Having looked at the access to the light assembly inside the boot of the car, there is no obvious access and the owners...
  20. Gizmo750

    Off topic (Bigtime!) - Job required

    Well, after yet another day in "corporate world" listening to the usual rubbish I have finally realised that I am totally fed up with working for a large corporate employer who couldn't pick me out of a line up, let alone bother to spell my name correctly. I am tired of being employee number...
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