1. S

    AdBlue topup

    Hi, Quick question, my AdBlue is due to run out in about 3900 miles, but my service is not due till Sept. Am I ok to buy AdBlue from somewhere like Halfords and top it up myself? Cheers, Stu
  2. S

    W208 Convertible Hydralic Fluid Topup

    Hi all, Today after reading another guide online, I found the little access panel where I can check the hydraulic fluid level for the hood. Mine is on the minimum marker, being as the car is 15 years old it's hardly surprising. However, is it worth going to all the effort of removing the...
  3. pagzzy

    C63 oil topup

    Hi guys hope everyone is well I had a quick question the oil light has come up on the car and I was wondering what oil is needed for a c63 can't find it in the handbook Was gonna buy some put it In checkingthe dipstick that I don't overfill Thanks
  4. adam87

    Olly's C43 AMG After wax top-up

    Heres a few pics of Olly's C43 from PCS I did yesterday, topped up with Autoglym HD wax. :thumb:
  5. F

    power steering problems - can i use ATF to topup?

    HI All, Over the last two days, my W140 has lost all its power steering fluid and now the steering groans etc. Not sure if its the pump thats gone, or a hose. I've heard you can use ATF instead of power steering fluid - can I top it up with that to drive it to the garage? (I have some of...
  6. P

    battery top-up question

    This cold morning my c200 engine turned over quite slowly. The battery was ok until recently when I left something in the cigarette lighter and it completely drained the battery (it wouldn't even jump start, had to leave on charge for a few hours). Can I buy dilute sulfuric acid to top up...
  7. J

    ATF topup

    I have a 2005 W211, I made an impromptu ATF dipstick and found that it got only a centimetre of fluid. Should I top it up or measure it again after it has been driven?:confused: It got only 21K miles on the clock.
  8. H

    Power Steering Fluid Top-up

    Hi all, brand new to MB and obviously this forum!! Looking for some help on a simple task for my w210 e240 2001 - need to check my power steering fluid level but dont have a clue where to check and how to top up. Can someone help please - pics would be great. I have had a look but don't want to...
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