1. 1045,1Nm @ 3247rpm

    1045,1Nm @ 3247rpm

    Massive torque after stage1 ECU - 1045,1Nm at 3247rpm. Car was with speed limiter set at 155mph, will do next run without limiter to check the bhp.
  2. C

    W208 M112 5 speed Torque converter. uprate? Refurbishment?

    Who's a good firm for doing this work? I have a w208 with 200K on it I'm about to fit a 3.7 engine I'd like to refurbish the torque converter. It was on the list of things to do anyway. Is it would uprating it in anyway or does a standard refurb do enough? From cross referencing...
  3. C

    cls torque wrench settings

    hello, planning on changing out some front suspension components on the cls, but am hunting for the various torque wrench values for the reassembly.. I understand there are no Haynes manuals available....
  4. J

    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    Hi All, Just picked up a C250 AMG Sport Automatic 62 plate, 47k miles. As I've just picked it up and it's due a service I've dropped it into a Mercedes Indy for a few bits of work, here's what I've gone for: - Service B (which they tell me includes Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Fuel Filter...
  5. M

    7 Speed Torque Converter Drain

    Hi, I have a 2011 GL 7sp 3.0 diesel. It has just done 40,000 miles. I get a shudder from the torque converter when it is hot and stopped in Drive, it goes when it starts to move. I realise it is due a fluid change now so I have been phoning round. One independent quotes £225 but don't...
  6. BarryWhitt

    Correct torque for wheel bolts?

    C Class 200 Sport 2017 Anyone know how tight to do the wheel bolts up please?
  7. O

    W211 E55 OEM Torque Converter Part Number anyone?

    Does anyone know the part number for the stock W211 2003 E55k ? Are they all same in the 211s ? Or all the same in the 722.6xx box ? Thank you in advance.
  8. J

    Torque settings

    Hi All, Does any one know the correct torque settings for tightening the wheel nuts of a C63 AMG (2014). Didn't want to just bounce up & down on the wheel wrench !!:bannana: Planning on some serious wheel cleaning this weekend:thumb: Cheers
  9. S

    torque settings

    could someone please inform me of the torque settings for the injector clamp bolts valve / cam cover bolts and the tightening sequence much appreciated
  10. Z

    Mercedes C230 (w203) remap figures & low torque figures

    Hello all, Had my car remapped and the numbers were good but no amazingly great. The car sometimes has a mind of its own and occasionally won't pull as hard or give full torque. This showed on the dyno with the first run the car pulled 206bhp and 300 ft lbs of torque. Much to my dismay as...
  11. Z

    2006 CLS 320 CDI Brake caliper bolts torque

    hi does anybody know the torque setting for the front brake caliper bolts to hub going to replace pads and discs soon cheers regards harry
  12. Gav78

    2007 CLS63 Torque Converter Failed!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a good one. Mine has been...interesting! 12 days after purchasing my CLS63, I was driving when, less than a mile from home, my car suddenly and completely shut down at around 40mph, it was a bit of a shock as you can imagine as the power steering...
  13. F

    Torque converter

    I've come across a e320 that has been re-mapped or re chipped. Anyway, whatever it's called it has ( allegedly) increased the power from 204 bhp to 270 bhp. Plenty of power there but is there a danger of putting that amount of extra power through the original torque converter? :dk:
  14. D

    C63 wheel bolt torque setting?

    Removing my wheels at the weekend to give them a good clean and sealant before the winter sets in and wondered if anyone can confirm the correct torque settings for the wheel bolts? Ive read somewhere 130Nm? Thanks in advanced
  15. O

    Brake disc assembly torque settings - W204

    Hi, I'm about to do some DIY maintenance on my 2011 W204; changing front and rear discs and pads. Does anyone have the recommended torque settings for: 1) Brake slider bolts, front and rear, 2) Caliper bolts, front and rear. Any other useful advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  16. O

    Engine / transmission torque settings

    Engine / transmission torque settings - W204 Hi, I'm about to do some DIY maintenance on my W204 (OM651 Engine). Does anyone have the recommended torque settings for: 1) Sump Plug 2) Oil Filter housing 3) Engine oil Pan bolts 4) Gearbox oil pan bolts. Cheers. BTW, this is my first post
  17. A

    Which torque converter?

    Hello and thanks for any help. I have a 2003 w211 e320 cdi avantgarde not V6 My torque converter needs replacing, can anyone tell me which one I need/part number. Also can anyone recommend where I can buy one or get mine repaired/reconditioned. I live in Gloucestershire. Again thanks...
  18. T5R+

    Wheel Bolts Lubricate? & Torque

    What is the consensus on applying, eg Copperslip, before refitting alloy wheels? Assume preferential to oil or grease. Also anyone know the correct torque settings for (21" AMG) rims onto an ML W164.
  19. R

    Torque converter ! Sell or fix

    I have just had my car looked at by Mercedes & using the Star no codes , so that sounds great. They have told me that my Torque Converter seems to be on the slow road to failure in possibly 30000 miles so 18 months. They have quoted £2,000 for new TC. The predicament I have is wait till it gets...
  20. HughJarse

    Torque wrench- how do you know it's accurate ??

    Changed the front discs on car...( relatively easy once I'd watched the nut and bolt trick to remove the discs) then torqued wheel nuts back on with wheels attached obviously. My question is, how do I know my torque wrench is accurate - I haven't used it for a few years so it could be well...
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