1. GLK

    W169 - Torsion bar touching wheel arch lining

    Noticed recently a very fine screeching noise, when turning steering wheel quickly (as in a multi-storey car park), had a look today and saw this (apologies for rubbish pic quality - awkward place, and mobile phone cam): A200 Avantgarde, C169, sports suspension, 18" AMG wheels, 225/40-18...
  2. C

    stockists for torsion bar bushes

    Have had anti roll bar bushes replaced but squeaking has returned Been told its the torsion bar bushes MB have said they don't make them have to buy new torsion bar Its an ML270 on a 52 plate please can anyone help Thank you
  3. mct_cars

    R107 Boot Torsion Bar

    Anybody know how easy it is to re-attach if it's come off or needs replaced?
  4. SilverSaloon

    Rear torsion bar snapped on R107

    Hi The end of the torsion bar (A1073262365) where it bolts to the "rod/arb" A1153201589 has snapped. Looks hard to replace this. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on (a) where to source a cheap replacement and any tips on fitting? Can it be done DIY? I have a feeling this one's...
  5. daniemj

    W163 ML torsion bar lift question

    Hallo everyone I need to know some more detail concerning the 1" lift on a W163 Ml through the torsion bars. Approximately how many full turns is needed on the torsion bar adjusting nut in order to lift it 1"? Do both nuts (left and right side) needs to be turned clockwise or in opposite...
  6. T

    Torsion bar snapped!!!

    Hi, last thurs my gear box problem re-appeared (sticking in 2nd) after accelerating from roundabout on a dual carriage way. In order to get off road quickly as i could see van/cars in my RVM approaching my rear very quickly, i pulled into an un-official lay-by ( had seen cars and vans parked...
  7. R

    Anti Roll bar/ Torsion Bar

    After being to the Main dealer today they advised me a knocking noise could be the torsion bar, is this the anti roll bar? sorry the car is a W203 (out of warrenty) I have had the antiroll bar and drop links replaced already. many thanks
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