1. B

    W203 2001 display is not showing total Km ?

    Hi I have bought a 2001 W203 180 coupe, as a none runner I replaced the front SAM, the ignition switch, steering lock, and ECU. The car starts and runs great now, but I have no display of the total Km covered, the trip meter shows the trip Km, but I just have 6 lines where the total Km...
  2. grober

    Oh Dear! TOTAL RECALL 2012

    Watched this last night. Special effects have vastly improved but not a patch on the original I'm afraid. [YOUTUBE HD]sWMhADqlPYg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. Sheffield Col

    One touch total closure.

    On my VX, Omega that I used to own, I had One touch total closure, ie. just one touch closed all open windows & the sun roof. But this was not how it left the factory, this was an "after market fix". It left the factory with much the same system as my W 204. you had to press and hold the button...
  4. U

    car gone into total meltdown - battery, alternator, regulator, CPU or something else?

    All, My S320 CDI (01 w220 pre face lift) was showing signs of a fading battery, so ordered a new one with higher ah and cca that arrived yesterday and was waiting for me when I got home. Wire drive car off to work this morning, to ring me from 5 mins down the road having had the low voltage...
  5. markjay

    Total CEO killed in Moscow plane crash
  6. D

    190 sl for total restoration with 10k plate to pay for it

    1959 MERCEDES 190 WHITE | eBay
  7. P

    w124 e300td insurance 'total loss' write off

    Hello all the short version is... I pranged my beloved diesel estate. It is a 1994 M reg with about 175,000m on the clock. Previously in good condition for its age, and it has had whatever it needed (recently suspension)at an independent mercedes garage. It has always been well...
  8. Cigano

    w211 2008 total closure ?

    Does a 2008 w211 e320 cdi have total closure on windows/sunroof ?
  9. A

    Considering C220 Sport - Total Merc Noob - Need advice

    Hello from Ireland. I am considering travelling to the UK to purchase a C220 Sport diesel. Originally I was looking to purchase a 5 Series (having owned a 3) but first glimpse at the C220 sport and I like! Now here's the problem; i'm a total Merc noob. Here is what i'd be looking for spec...
  10. N

    Total Power Loss

    My 2004 E320 suddenly blew thick black smoke then suffered total power loss. Is this likely to be a major engine problem or could it be something of a lesser issue?
  11. M

    Total One Off Custom Wax Competition

    Hi Guys After a long time coming, I am proud to announce my very own bespoke wax, handmade by wax master, Bouncer’s. This completely one off bespoke creation has been hand crafted & poured to my very own specified requirements. Like most professional detailers, you tend to use a lot of fine...
  12. W

    Trip meter inconsistent with total miles

    I've never reset my trip meter since the car was new, and it's always been less than a mile difference to the total for the car. I had the Brabus D6S fitted, and when I filled up yesterday (440 miles later) I noticed that the trip is now ~20 miles less than the total for the car - that's...
  13. mercmanuk

    cdr 700mb discs 750 in total

    mr cdr 52 speed 700mb 80 minute discs each pack contains 6 discs so roughly 120 packs 50 pence per pack+postage 45.00 the lot collected cheap as chips ideal for the home and car
  14. Silver CL55

    Any tips on getting a decent payout from my total loss CLS500?

    Ok, my CLS500 was written off 2 weeks ago, no injuries so no worries. Admiral are D##king around with offers. Car was a Mercedes approved vehicle 1 year ago pretty well specced @ 18k, they have offered 14k, up from 13k. I've sent my invoice and screen shots from Mercedes approved site with quite...
  15. trapperjohn

    Posted in total admiration for folks in wheelchairs.

    WheelChair Back Flip - YouTube
  16. jonnyboy

    total loss of drive :(

    Hi all. Got the ok to drive yesterday from my consultant. Great news after the best part of three months. Took advantage yesterday and today! After some telephone help from a certain member (cheers Ian!) I sorted out the last few vacuum pipes on the SL. It all looked good tonight so when MRs...
  17. B088IN

    W208 Total Closure option?

    Hi all, On previous cars I have had the option of holding down either the open button on the fob and the windows opened or vica versa when holding the close button on the fob the windows all closed. I have a facelift W208 CLK 320 Avantgarde with memory seats and power fold mirrors, sunroof...
  18. Martin clk

    Insurance - Total Loss

    Hey guys Can someone help here. I have a friend who's car is a 2000 Peugeot 106 (only 44k miles). A woman drove into her driver side door last week. She's admitted full liability. As she's got a hire car through her insurance plus the cost of new parts to repair it the insurance have...
  19. P

    E250TD no turbo wisle/boost, after standing over winter, and total batery discharge

    Hi, I had my merc standing for over 3moth, without touching it, and battery was totaly discharged, replaced the battery, started it up, like it was started a day ago :) but i was drive it and noticed thats no boost, and i'm not hearing turbo spinn, like it was before. Wondering if its in some...
  20. pupsi

    Total closure wire location on W124 E500?

    As title, does anybody know what wire it is and where it is located? Trying to program it into my alarm but cannot for the life of me find this wire! Thanks
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