1. S

    Would I be totally mad?

    And I know I'm going to get a biased answer but... I keep getting strong thoughts about ordering a focus RS :dk:
  2. D

    New C32 24hr modification marathon WOW it's totally transformed

    Hi all I'm back in a Mercedes my last being a CL55 about 18 months ago and last Sunday I picked up a C32 AMG. Here's a few pictures of how it looked when I got it home: My wife said it's very plain and very grandad'ish which made me sulk So I immediately started planning what I...
  3. andy27168

    Totally Gutted

    I had an accident today around midday, to say I am gutted and very upset is an understatement though I have to be thankful I am ok though I am very shaken up and a bit battered and bruised. I will let the pics do the talking and I,m sure you will understand (the MR2 in the background to the...
  4. Haylands

    Totally Immaculate 2000 CL500

    Please see this thread for full details Thanks
  5. The Boss

    W222 - new s class totally revealed

    Yes boys and Yes Girls.. here it is.. and you know what.. i am liking it.. enjoy this automotive moment.. wow
  6. lxi

    Totally sorted SL55 AMG for sale

    Hi - time to move on. I'm selling my SL55 after three years of ownership. Spec as follows: SL55 AMG, 2003 (June), one previous owner Silver, charcoal interior, Pano roof, keyless, comfort massage seats, Viseeo bluetooth enabled Just turned 48,000 miles Full dealer service history -...
  7. billywhiz

    Conti Sport 3 - 265/35/18 - totally undamaged 5.5mm left

    As per title, taken from my E55 is this Conti Sport Contact 3 265/35/28 M0 tyre. Totally undamaged, no punctures, no sidewall damage - a great tyre. even wear of 5.5mm left across whole tyre and no sidewall scrubbing etc etc. Looking for £80 + £9.99 postage within UK or you can collect...
  8. S

    W211 battery totally dead after 7 days without use

    A couple of weeks ago my wife came down to the car after work to find that it wouldn't unlock with the key fob, and if she used the physical key to open the door she couldn't start the car. Now, I suspected the battery was on the way out as it had been labouring slightly on starting for a...
  9. E CLASS

    Totally free CAP car valuations!

    Go on scare yourself....
  10. mercmanuk

    24' imac totally as new

    ive had my imac for 7 months and cant get used to the osx operating system,so moving back to windows 7. 24" imac 3.06 intel core 2 duo cpu 4gb 1067 mhz ddr3 memory dvd writer nvidia geforce gt 120 256mb graphics hitachi 640 gb sata hdd snow leopard 10.6.6 operating system warranty untill june...
  11. whitenemesis

    Can Anyone recommend a totally silent PC

    I'm looking to keep Mrs WN happy and me still able to reside in the lounge :o I need (read - have been told) to get something that doesn't emit a constant fan noise, have a noisy HD (of the two currently working one is fairly quiet the other sounds like a turbine spooling up!) and a DVD R/W...
  12. N

    Service intervals - totally confused?

    Hope someone can help me out. I have a 9/2008 E220 cdi and when I bought it in Sep 2009 it had 17k miles and had its first service in Aug 2009 ~16500 miles. I now have a service indicator telling me a 'c' service is due in 9 days (I have hardly driven it in the last month so probably didnt...
  13. C

    2012 Mercedes CLS caught totally undisguised

    the four-door, four-seat coupe was snapped by spies at a photo shoot its nose is reshaped with a larger grille, more sculpting to the front bumper, and bigger new headlights and three-section bumper with set-in LED daytime runners... more on 2012 Mercedes CLS caught naked. World cars news...
  14. Quincy_W140

    Totally Immaculate 1991 S600 [W140]

    LINK The listing is a bit confusing about the year... 1991 or its registered date of 09 August 1995... but it's definately a pre-facelift W140 [amber indicators and non-LCD climate control]. Low mileage and tidy tho... :thumb: Q.
  15. culpano

    Am I being totally thick or what ? Securing wireless router with push button

    Merry xmas everyone. I have a Belkin wireless router and I want to secure it. The instructions say click on the PBC button on the router then start PBC on the client device (I've got an iTouch) within 2 minutes. Does that mean just push the "on" button on the iTouch ? Knowing my luck...
  16. The Boss

    Totally Shocking and digusting!

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after an elderly woman was repeatedly knifed in a frenzied attack in the street. Ann Driscoll is seen on CCTV entering a Tesco store before she was attacked Ann Driscoll, 82, was stabbed nine times in the...
  17. The Boss

    This is totally hillarious!

    Yxi6QDwQyLU I can not stop laughing!
  18. M

    Battery totally flat- help

    I have an 02 s500 w220 and my children left the rear dvd players on and they have drained the battery flat. Where the car is positioned I can't get access to use jump leads so I'll need to get a battery pack. Can anyone tell me what size of battery pack/charger would be needed for this type of...
  19. PJayUK

    Totally stumped, simple wiring job went wrong

    Ok so lesson learnt today, I know k'all about auto electrics! :confused: I spent most of the afternoon wiring up an ipod integration kit. Well chuffed with the cosmetics I was flushed with pride at my professional finish and installation. Anyway trying to connect it up didnt go well. Simple...
  20. Gawdi

    Help - Battery totally losing charge on cold nights

    Scratching my head over a problem with my 92 300D. On nights when temperature goes under zero, the battery totally loses its charge - not even enough charge to work the central locking... I thought it was a problem with a dicky battery cell, so replaced the battery and have a brand spanking...
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