W164 wing mirrors touch doors??

    Hi guys. 1st post on here so be nice lol. I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a...
  2. RickyBurrows

    Touch Up Paint

    Hi I'm selling touch up paint (waterbased) any colour is possible as long as I have the colour code I'll mix it up and put it in the touch up pot which includes a touch up brush, shipped to anywhere in the UK only £6.99 postage included. Any questions p.m me thanks.
  3. P

    Touch up kit, 5359 tansanitblau perl (Blue!)

    Used for 1 stone chip, still full. Also has laquer bottle. £5
  4. Topman2u

    Why does my sat nav state this [emoji848]and is it touch screen[emoji848]

    Sorry if I'm missing something but why does my sat nav state this message [emoji848] And I've heard it's a touch screen but my touch screen doesn't seem to be working [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. J

    Alloy wheel touch up.

    I am thinking of improving the appearance of my Alloy wheels. They are AMG V1. ( 18" ) Titanium Grey on my 2010 CLS 350 CDI. They are 'scuffed' in the centres near the MB Logo. I would appreciate any advice,recommendations... ..e.g.: What to do and what not to do.Especially what paint/ lacquer...
  6. S

    Genuine touch up paints

    Hey folks, Have these for sale both brand new and never used 9799 diamond white pearl 9775 iridium silver 9.00 delivered each Thanks Steve
  7. M

    Connecting an iPod Touch

    HI I have a w204 2013 car with the Media Interface without the original cable. I am trying to connect an iPod Touch 6 for Spotify. Advice sought, what cable and adapter do I need? My understanding is a 30 pin adapter and the right cable will do it. Can anyone advice on the correct...
  8. Rosso1

    Who have you used to touch up your car?

    I have some stone chips on my lower valance and bonnet can anyone recommend a paint doctor as i don't want a respray as when you sell a car i don't want anyone to think the car been involved in a accident, i just really fussy about having a car that's as flawless as possible? Essex based...
  9. M

    CLK W209 Do not touch the rol bar bushes!!!

    Just sharing as I am now going through the massive **** ache of trying to sort this out. The front roll bar bushes on the clk 270 (and I guess most if not all W209 models) are held in with 8mm bolts. These are bolted thru the sub frame and the thread is part of the frame. When you try...
  10. B

    Window One Touch up?

    Hi All My offside Rear window will not operate on the "One Touch" up, it will work going down but not up. all the other windows are fine with the "One Touch" operation. I have reset this window several times and at first it works ok, then when i think to check it again it will work "One...
  11. Sheffield Col

    One touch total closure.

    On my VX, Omega that I used to own, I had One touch total closure, ie. just one touch closed all open windows & the sun roof. But this was not how it left the factory, this was an "after market fix". It left the factory with much the same system as my W 204. you had to press and hold the button...
  12. R

    Temperamental iPod touch with Comand/Media interface

    I just upgraded my iPod nano to an iPod touch simply because I have subscribed to Apple Music. The iPod touch will play maybe about 3 albums, If im lucky, before getting "device not connected " or something like "device not recognised" I never had any problems using the iPod nano, despite...
  13. toffee-pie

    one touch windows?

    Does the CL55 have one touch windows all around? I only seem to have them at the front? I did have to program them as the battery must have been disconnected at some stage.
  14. Trickythemerc

    Tenorite grey touch up kit

    Tenorite grey touch up kit from Carpaints4u duplicated order and unused. cost me £14.00 plus £3.00 postage. Make me a reasonable offer inc postage :thumb:
  15. Kal_c63

    FS - New Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG New & Sealed Purchased from Mercedes Benz Collindale New and unused Includes Diamond White and clear paint Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diamond White Touch Up Paint Stick - C63 AMG -New | eBay
  16. Brian 1

    Click on photo, or touch screen Fades in to 1944 to present day......hope they work
  17. T

    Help - 64GB iPod touch not working on 09 W207 COMAND

    I hope you can help me. I recently purchased a W207 from a dealer. The car has FMSH and last serviced in December 2015 (thus I presume all firmware is up to date, but unable to find a SW version in any of the COMAND menus). It came with no UMI cables. I have now purchased the cables. I have USB...
  18. V

    touch up paint

    Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of using the Halfords touch up 3 step kits, im not a novice when it comes to car repairs and paints but I am having real difficulty in getting a colour match for my 2012 iridium silver (paint code 775) c class. The Halfords one is way too dark...
  19. I

    touch screen stereo

    Hi, I have a clk 230 (2001) and I'm after a touch screen car stereo, does anyone have one to sell or know of anyone that has.
  20. edtzxr

    clk a208 - Double din touch screen sat nav

    Hi all another quick share. Fitted one of these units into my 1999 clk pretty good fit with a fitting kit i found on google. A-Sure® Double 2 Din GPS Universal Car HD DVD Player SAT NAVI TMC Bluetooth MP3 | eBay currently priced at £189 it is cheap china stuff but all works perfectly and...
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