1. flango

    Finishing Touches

    Well as I've had a day sorting my pals car mechanically I thought I would do the little finishing touches to mine that I've been promising to do, the 2 most important being.
  2. stwat

    Those Little Touches of (S)Class

    I have driven many cars with the air recirculate button for when your sat behind a smokey bus or driving past a sewage works. And not one of them was of any use whatsoever. Push the button and basically nothing changes. The stench of diesel or raw sewage persists and in most cases, even gets...
  3. P

    PJayUK Nice Stainless touches inside?

    PJayUK What are these 'nice stainless touches inside' that you mention in your profile?
  4. B

    Finishing touches

    Hi Guys, Have got new shape 209 CLK conv with AMG body kit need to fit twin AMG exhaust any ideas. Kind of new to this also have comand with dvd what is the best way of getting TV via comand? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. BJAZZZ.
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