1. CLSMark

    Touching up my alloys. ( not in a pervy way )

    The nice chaps who wash my car for me ( cba doing it myself ) have lifted the paint off with the jet wash, and left me with the primer underneath, not their fault, they were starting to flake anyway. Anyhow, I've bought a touch up from eBay, Its like a nail varnish brush, any tips on...
  2. G

    W169 - Torsion bar touching wheel arch lining

    Noticed recently a very fine screeching noise, when turning steering wheel quickly (as in a multi-storey car park), had a look today and saw this (apologies for rubbish pic quality - awkward place, and mobile phone cam): A200 Avantgarde, C169, sports suspension, 18" AMG wheels, 225/40-18...
  3. C

    Cyclist touching my car... what's your opinion?

    OK folks, what's your opinions on this? Last night I was stopped at a red light when a cyclist pulled up alongside and proceeded to steady himself on his bike by putting his hand on the roof of my car. I wasn't overly happy with this as a) I don't want grubby paw prints all over my car and...
  4. colin.c43

    W202 Wiper touching

    At rest my wiper seems to sit a little high on the windscreen on the offside of the car. In use the wiper touches the trim at the bottom of the screen on nearside of the car. It makes a tapping noise and is extremely annoying. (I know - it hardly ever rains in England!!) Is this adjustable?
  5. developer

    The Touching Story Of The Horse Trapped In The Mud

    All I can say is It's a good job his owner remembered to put her knickers on :eek::thumb:
  6. W

    Touching up metallic paint

    I've got a few rusty spots I need to touch up. I've rubbed off the flaky paint and applied rust killer. Now for paint. The colour is metallic maroon. I have a jam jar of paint from the body shop. It was left over from the last proper paint job the car had. I've done a bit of testing on...
  7. SilverSaloon

    exhaust rear box touching body and diesel tank - MOT fail?

    hi i fitted a new exhaust to my car yesterday and because of the length of the pipe being slightly longer than the old one the pipe that leads to the backbox touches the body slighly and the diesel tank. the pipe doesnt get that hot (can hold it with your hand) so i dont think its a big...
  8. smoothrider

    touching up

    Whats the best way to keep on top of a few flecks here and there on paint work and on chrome? Nothing major, just some flecks I want to nip in the bud.
  9. N

    Touching up

    That thread title should bring up some interesting results on google. I have loads of stonechips which I am planning on touching up. I want to get a good finish so I want to take my time. The problem is that I don't have a drive or access to shelter. I know I need to leave the laquer 24hrs to...
  10. F

    Touching up chips

    Hi, Have some minor stone chip on one my alloys. I am fully aware that clear lacqueur should be applied to prevent corrosion but I do not have any that I can find as misplaced teh bottle that came with MB paint touch up stick/pack. Will wifey's clear nail varnish hardner be just as...
  11. simonl

    Touching up stone chips

    Anyone got any tips for applying touch-up paint and clear coat to small stone chips? Previously I've used the brush and made a right **** of it :(
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