1. milleplod

    Touch-up paint.

    My R500 is finished in Tansanite blue - you only have to walk past it and there's a mark on the paint! Trawling eBay and other places for a touch-up stick (I'm generally averse to dealers...), I dropped on item no. 280965619816, sold by 'ukautospares' - £4.25 for 30ml of paint, including...
  2. Q

    W124 15 hole alloys, which touchup paint?

    The wheels on my '91 230TE W124 have a few kerb marks and scratches that could do with a bit of attention to spruce them up, a full refurb isn't an option at the moment. Is there a Halfords touchup or spray paint that a good match? Alternatively, does anyone know the paint code for them so I can...
  3. withabix

    W204 Sport Radiator Grille Touch-up Paint?

    Any ideas on best touch-up paint match for the silver on the radiator grille? Seems to catch stone chips quite well and is of course black underneath :(
  4. gaz_l

    Anyone need a 189 touchup kit?

    Green/black metallic, bought when I had my C43 and never used. I don't want any money for it, yours for the cost of postage (proof of a charitable donation of my choice needed). Shall we say £2.50? Otherwise it's going in the bin, which seems wasteful. Cheers, Gaz
  5. verytalldave

    Wheel touch-up paint

    My Adharaz rims could do with a little TLC. Not much you understand................just a little touch-up here and there. Does anyone know if the small paint containers are available to match wheel colours? If so, does anyone know what the colour would be to match the Adharaz rims? And I...
  6. Stratman

    Which touch-up paint?

    Horror of horrors, there is a tiny chip on the bonnet of my W202 that has the first signs of rust in it :eek: :eek: :eek: Can anyone reccomend an easy to use touch-up paint that matches Mercedes colours properly? Naturally, it is the traditional silver that adorns my car. I have seen a...
  7. S

    Anyone used MB Touch-up stick set before?

    We found some light and some deep scratches on the bumper and near the wheel arch today. :mad: We were given an MB Touch-up stick set (to cover stone chips) by the salesman when we got the car. Has anyone used MB Touch-up stick set before to cover scratches? I did a search on "scratch" and...
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