1. R

    W204 c class tourer

    Hi guys, my name is rich and I have a on going problem with my c class mercedes c220 diesel . The problem I have is a misfire / stutter . The diagnostic fault code is 211271 =The throttle valve is jammed closed .the actuator is blocked. The garage that I bought the car from has changed the...
  2. Mr Fixit

    bmw 330i tourer

    I have one for sale 2003 silver sport Auto with 84,000 miles FBMWSH and warranty for 9 months. Memory seats and black unmarked leather. currently on 17 turbine style winter wheels but have a set of MV1 18 without tyres, hard liner, detachable tow bar and HK stereo when I get the PC one I will...
  3. spinaltap

    Keep A-Class or Buy BMW 2 Active Tourer?

    The Agility contract on my wife's W169 A-Class (our second in succession) ends in March 2015. She doesn't like the new A-Class or the new B-Class. She could select the cost-to-buy option and keep the W169. Alternatively, the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer looks and feels like what Mercedes...
  4. flango

    Toyota Avensis T4 Tourer Diesel

    Seeking the opinions of the panel yet again :D I have been test driving cars this weekend, was going to get something to tide me over for a year but decided to go with new test drove a few things to confirm my est drives of earlier in the year so test drove the BMW 320D & 520D M SPORT tourer...
  5. S

    High Spec 2005 E61 530d Sport Tourer AC Schnitzer + more

    2005 E61 BMW 530d M Sport Tourer Titanium Silver with Black Leather 83,350 miles. Full BMW Main Dealer Service History Taxed until 30/09/2011 MOT until October 2011. Last serviced at Cooper Croydon in December 2010 - next one due in 7000 miles. This high spec...
  6. timskemp

    S212 E63 AMG tourer....

    Spent the afternoon at MB World today. Took a 1 hr session in the AMG. Will anyone give me 80,000 quid for a kidney? or a child?
  7. S

    Are you insane trading an S500 for a Honda Accord Tourer?

    Somehow it makes perfect sense (running costs, reliability, service, tourer=family space, spec etc) But on the other I'm losing a S500 AMG wheels, 0-60 in just over 6 seconds... Need a reality check before its too late!
  8. B

    Chrysler 300C Tourer Leeds

    dougal74 mentioned the Chrysler 300C tourer in another thread the other day and low and behold...........I was working in Leeds today on a client shoot and there was one parked right next to the spot I was shooting from. I have to say that the colour really suited the car and that in the flesh...
  9. Plodd

    Sports Tourer

    I have a feeling most of you will know about this but for any that don't it looks very tempting (and expensive). Mercedes Sports Tourer
  10. M

    Vision Grand Tourer .... Detroit Worth a look !
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