1. J

    Towbar fitting to c250 2014(64) without cutting bumper

    I wonder if anyone can help. We have recently purchased a 2014 (64) new shape c250 AMG line blurtec and after adcice was told we could have a detachable swan neck fitted without any cutting to the bumper. Today we have had the fitter arrive to tell us it does need cutting and there are no...
  2. Frankor

    W212 E220 Towbar for sale

    I removed the towbar from my E220 W212 (2014) hoping to fit it to my E220 AMG Line W213 (2017). Unfortunately the mountings are different so that was a no-go. I have since had a new Towbar fitted, and so the removed bar is in my garage if anyone is interested? The Towbar (2 years old and in...
  3. M

    W204 C220 Estate Towbar electrics wiring up

    Hi Folks, New to the forum, i'll give a better background to myself in an intro thread. For now though, I'm looking to fit a towbar to my 2014 W204 platform C220 Estate. The detachable towbars are reasonably priced (circa £160 including bypass relay) compared with my local tame towbar...
  4. M

    Towbar fitment C250 AMG Estate.

    I'm looking to have a detachable towbar fitted to my C250 Estate. Any recommendations for a dealer in the Beds, Herts or Bucks area ? Many thanks
  5. M

    Towbar on GL 2011

    Has anyone fitted a towbar on a GL? I read that 2010 onwards has a wiring harness already fitted. What kit do I need to buy?
  6. M

    Detachable towbar for W211 estate

    I am looking for a detachable towbar for my 2009 w211 e class estate I just wondered if anyone had one they have removed and no longer Need Thanks Mike
  7. S

    E350 S212 cdi towbar wiring Help

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the rear lighting wire colours needed for my bypass relay. Need colours for LH and RH indicator brake, side lights and reverse / fog.
  8. Frankor

    Towbar - E220 AMG Line 2017 (W213)

    Has anyone here had an aftermarket towbar fitted to a E220 AMG Line W213 (2017)? I can't seem to find any info relating to this car. I removed the towbar from my E220 W212 (2014) and at first glance appears to be the same re brackets and fittings. It may be the issue is the bumper guard will...
  9. X

    Towbar- Still under warranty.

    I am more than interested in getting a towbar for my 2015 CLS Shooting brake. I have 8 months manufacturers warranty left so am not wanting to void that side of things. At the moment it is more for transporting cycles on a towbar carrier, so could possibly get away without the electrics side...
  10. T

    towbar for S211 E320 sport compatability

    Hi all, been looking on ebay for a towbar and most say they have only been tested on single exhaust cars or not for sports models, yet looking online at other towbar specialists they only mention not suitable for E63 AMG, has anyone fitted one to a sport model without any problems, can't really...
  11. T

    W210 E class Estate Detachable Towbar

    Detachable Towbar ( Westfalia ) for E Class Estate (W210) only used 4 X 50ml journeys per Year taking Boat & Van to Permanent site . Fixings & Instructions Included No Reasonable offer Refused Boyd
  12. chesterpiglet

    Towbar id

    Hi there I discovered today my S211 has a removable tow bar fitted. When I decoded the VIN it was not listed so I presume it is an aftermarket one. However the hitch is missing & I am keen to get another one. Will there be markings on it anywhere that might help me to do this? I have looked...
  13. J

    W163 Towbar

    Hi guys & gals. If you have a W163 with a towbar, could you please let me know which type (detachable, swan neck, fixed) & brand (Oris, Westfalia, Witter etc) you have fitted. And the dimension from the bumper to center of towbar ball, and from the ground to center of ball. Any other comments...
  14. pmcgsmurf

    Towbar Dedicated Electrics W211 E220 2004 Recommendation & Coding ?

    Hi folks Thinking of fitting a Westfalia detachable Towbar to my old W211 to use with a car transporter trailer to move some of the old classics (Hillman Imps) around. I can get the universal electrics but I do like the idea of just using dedicated electrics if these are just plug in. 1...
  15. M

    W219 Towbar

    Hi all Thinking of swapping my w204 for a w219. I've read a thread on here comparing the w219 to an E class. One comment mentioned something about the w219 and towbars being a problem. Does anyone know if they are a problem and if so what problems are they? Thanks Mark Sent from my...
  16. Gollom

    Swap ML270 (with towbar) for my E240?

    Bit of a wildshot - anybody have a circa ML270 with towbar that they would be happy to swap for my E240 Elegance (112K) in good condition? "Who dares wins Rodney"
  17. H

    C350e plug-in hybrid towbar (W205)

    I was recently trying to find out whether a towbar can be retrofitted on the new C350e and which one should I pick but was frustrated to find out there's not much info out there about this, most people seem to be getting them from the factory and are happy with MB's mods (like some keyless...
  18. W210 Fan

    W210 towbar

    Hi guys and gals, im looking for a W210 towbar for the E240 we just picked up to tow a Piaggio Ape truck, if anybody has one please let me know! thanks
  19. W

    oris-matic towbar

    I have recently bought an E250 212 that has the oris-matic towbar fitted, I have a caravan with the AL-KO 3004 hitch fitted. When I hitch the caravan to the car there is very little space between the hitch and the car bumper. Has anyone else had this problem,or knows what I can do to sort this.
  20. S

    GLC Towbar

    Has anyone had an aftermarket towbar fitted to a GLC with a foot operated boot release? I am being told by the company I just tried to book a fitting with that it isnt possible as the sensors get in the way and when unplugged they give an error message on the dash. I am not bothered about...
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