1. C

    Towed car now car shaking!

    Hi, iv Been coming to this forum for a long time now, got a lot of help and DIY tips so thank you very much. Just created an account today to see if you could help me. My c220 w203 2002 automatic stopped the other day, first time this happen to me. The fuel was quiet low and me being new to...
  2. J

    Why the law says the car cannot be towed ?

    People's champ beats clamps | The Sun |News
  3. H

    3 parking tickets and your car gets towed.

    Coming to a town/ city near you, the very latest 'victimise a driver' scheme. Brighton & Hove council have recently proposed a solution for their financial shortfall due to reduced parking revenue. If a vehicle receives 3 parking tickets and they are left unpaid, the vehicle will be towed...
  4. Gollom

    Mobilo - does it include a trailer if being towed?

    As the title says! I can't seem to find any reference to it either way
  5. D

    Motorists who fail to pay three parking tickets to have cars towed away
  6. merc180k

    Fault - car just been towed away!!!

    Hi folks, Just had the car taken away on the back of a flatbed with a suspected mass air flow meter fault. MB Newbridge seem to think this will be covered under the service contract I have but I am not so sure. Leads to 2 qestions..... Is thi indeed covered and therefore fixed free of...
  7. jeremytaylor

    Car Towed Away

    I have a permit to park on the street near my work. Yesterday it fell off the dashboard because when I returned to my car it was gone. Fortunately only towed rather than stolen! Now I readily admit that if the permit fell off the dashboard, that is my fault, I was not clearly displaying...
  8. Dieselman

    What's the nicest car seen towed away?

    Driving along today I saw a DVLA ANPR van with cameras mounted on each corner. Following the van was a DVLA lorry with hiab crane. On the back of the lorry was a very nice condition M reg Rover 214/6 which was definately being taken to the scrap yard as the lorry turned off into the yard...
  9. Spinal

    Just towed...

    ... my mothers car :P We were driving back from a lunch at her friends house when the car died. (It had some trouble starting too...) Quite ironic as I was trying to convince my mother to get rid of her car and get a merc (trying to push her for a pillarless 124... :cool: ) Anyways, the car...
  10. marc777

    Towed away this morning

    Well. today was the first time a MB has ever let me down. The car just would not start, and Mobilo have confirmed that it is a problem with the injectors. So if you have a CDI which becomes a bit slow to start (which mine has in recent 10 days), then be prepared for complete failure due to...
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