1. L

    how to wash a microfibre towel

    Sorry if it sounds stupid but should you wash them on a hot wash with a non bio and no fabric softener or a warm-cool wash?cheers.
  2. Tim203

    Tata throwing in the towel.

    After years of allowing all our scrap metal to be flogged off ( including gold!) and now the predictable shoulder shrugging when the N word is mentioned is it any wonder the BBC then announce our exports are less than our imports. Do people honestly believe cheap materials will still be...
  3. M

    Drying towel

    All I can say is wow! Always thought they were a gimmick, but I bought one yesterday and used it today. How amazing! If you're thinking about getting one, just do it!
  4. L

    Car Drying Towel

    Looking for a good large microfibre drying towel for the car instead of the chamois and sponge? Buy a dog drying mf towel, £2 from B & M Stores and 1100 X 700 mm size. Mines got a paw print on it (who cares), but the car was dry and mark free in under 3 minutes, including the glass! Bloody...
  5. whizzkid11

    F/S: Brand New Heated Towel rail

    Hi there, My brother has done it again, ordered a brand new heated towel rail without asking his Mrs. Its one of the best quality higher end ones from Homebase: LINK TO TOWEL RAIL He paid £450 for it, but is looking for around £325. It is brand new boxed with top quality...
  6. Koolvin

    Where have you been all my life ? (Sonus Drying towel)

    Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towel, Pkg/2 by Sonus Car Care - Elite Detailer Ltd - Car Care & Detailing I've always used Autoglym synthetic chamois but recently got these from the Elite Shop. They are fantastic, sorry if this is old news :D
  7. J

    Throwing in the towel on my Mercedes ?

    I never thought it would come to this, but I have had thoughts lately of selling my beloved Mercedes. I have had my Mercedes for one year, one month, and 11 days. Its a 1999 C43 AMG, with 64k miles on it (when bought had 59k miles). I have treated it with TLC from day one, and spared no...
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