1. WDB124066

    Coming to a town near you soon...

    Thousands of Chinese holidaymakers stuck in 50-lane traffic jam |

    Red c63 wagen racing through preston town??

    Anyone off here???
  3. Marvin16x

    Looking for a town between Stamford and Grantham, Lincolnshire ...

    Hi everyone, my best friend and I went to England in Summer 2013. On the second day we went from Dover to Cambridge and then up the A1 until about 8 or 8.15 pm - looking at a pic my mate took from inside the car we must have passed Stamford at around 7.45. We left the A1 at a rather small...
  4. G

    220cdi town driving mpg?

    I have been doing a lot of short trip town driving lately in my C220 (two months old 1500 miles) It's returning 25-28mpg and I haven't been driving like a crazed teenager. Any comparisons please for similar driving in this model?
  5. M

    2007 W211 220 CDi Town MPG

    Hi all, My dad has a facelift W211 220 CDi Avantgarde Automatic Saloon. He's been looking at the dash and monitoring the MPG lately and he seems to get about 25/26MPG, this is all town driving mind you. Does this seem low or about right as it is quite a heavy car to lug around and being...
  6. S

    newbie in town

    Good evening all, I became the owner of a 1989 190e this afternoon - I was out looking for something else, but she called to me across the car lot! Generally she seems to be in reasonable health, there are a few things I need to attend to. I will no doubt be back later for more mechanical...
  7. austeja1

    new guy in town

    hi everyone i'm new in this kind of comunication,but glad to be here,finally:) got couple mercedes cars before and don't wanna change to anything else,mercedes just worth to be called top of the cars:rock:
  8. T

    new Boy in town

    Hi All I stumbled across this site when looking for some information on my newish CLK280 sports coup.
  9. Harrythedog

    W211 320cdi 22mpg around town, is this ok?

    As the title suggests is it normal. A motorway run gets about 34/35 mpg.
  10. Gucci


    On the off chance - odd request - but apparently some point of sale we had installed at CarphoneWarehouse Southampton smells of manure! Anyone's snout in Southampton to investigate!?!!! :crazy: Thanks! :rolleyes: :eek:
  11. EDZ649

    A sad day for our town

    Hastings Pier was destroyed by fire in the early hours of this morning. Two men have been arrested on suspicion of arson..... YouTube - Hastings pier on fire.3gp Why?
  12. D

    Avoid Mary Street Car Park, Canning Town

    This car park has a reputation for people breaking windows and nicking stuff out of cars. It's what happened to me today. Car is now with MB Stratford. So stay away and don't ignore advice like what I did. Nothing of note was in the car except for EUR change in a bag (£20 odd) and I think...
  13. M

    W202 poor mpg around town

    Would just like to say hello. i recently acquired a w202, so am new to the forum. I am a VW enthusiast at heart...but who knows maybe the merc will change me. I have been experiencing a massive difference in mpg between motorway and town driving. My regular motorway drive £15 of petrol...
  14. C

    New kid in town !

    Hi,i am new on this forum.I have a 1998 c230k in metallic green which i have owned for around 3 years and i am now ready to move on to my next merc ! I am looking for some help with specialist car insurance as the the c43 AMG estate i am looking at is been modified (engine etc ). Has anybody...
  15. grober

    New kid in town!

    Does the Mercedes CLS have anything to fear from the "new kid in town" the Porsche Panamerica. Here's a couple of (poor quality :o ) vids. and...
  16. Bobby Dazzler

    Secure parking in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (China Town)

    I'm quite particular about where I park - so having only visited a couple of times before, I'm appealling for your help!! Any suggestions for suitable car parks close-ish to Stowell Street (China town) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and which are open in the evenings? First priority: Secure...
  17. Godot

    Psst Hey You! ou vant to buy a Town Comrade ? :cool::cool::cool::eek::eek::eek::cool::cool::cool::crazy::crazy::crazy:
  18. kikkthecat

    Coming soon to a Town or City near you !!

    Portsmouth council are the first to introduce a city wide speed limit of 20 Mph in all residential areas with a blanket limit city wide by the end of 2008 20 Mph limit Aberdeen are keen to be the first city in Scotland to have a blanket 20 Mph limit and Hull already have 30% of roads...
  19. A

    New baby in town!

    Well has finally happened :bannana: . Picked up the C320 Avantegarde yesterday and here it is. Photo is not too good but I'll try to get some better ones on here once I've had a chance to give it a complete valet and good coat of polish :) . It's has the 'SE' pack.....folding...
  20. NW_Merc

    W202 advert from the makers of Twin Town
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