1. Timster

    Found a replacement S210 - Looks good, all the toys!

    I've found a car to replace my written off S210: Used Mercedes-benz E Class Estate in Leicester, Leicestershire | Leicester Car Supermarket Looks good to me. A tad pricey but i'm happy with the asking price for it. Full MBSH 2 Keys - saves me the £220 I spent on the last one...
  2. L

    W169 window switches, with all the toys.

    Does anyone have a drivers door window switch pack with buttons for rear electric windows and electric folding mirrors, or know where I can get one?
  3. Jamier27

    Toys and gadgets..

    Hi all I am hoping to pick up a c63 tomorrow morn. As I am coming from a TVR you can imagine the difference in every department is going to say large. Apart from maybe performance. But I love my toys and comfort too so was wondering what cool gadgets of functions I can expect? It has...
  4. grober

    Potential for Toys Out of Pram?

    With the news that 16 year old Max Verstappen has been confirmed as Toro Rosso’s new driver for 2015 should there be a lower age limit for F1 drivers? The son of the former F1 driver Jos, he currently competes in the Formula 3 European Championship but will have to wait another 2 years...
  5. jamesfuller

    Alpina and other toys
  6. BaldGuy

    Baldguys Current toys

    ML63 - SL Brabus - Scooter.... all in black The 129 SL was a present to my GF so is at her house....
  7. M1 KRX

    Pictures of your other Toys

    Just thought it would be interesting to see what your other interests are away from MB.... I will start with this...... do you know what it is?
  8. swannymere

    Big Boys Toys

    For those of you who like big boys toys, this was posted on another forum i frequent and you may like it. It's a crane, lifting a crane, lifting a crane finally all lifted by a massive crane. Big Boys Toys
  9. alexis.jones

    My Toys :)

    My two babies
  10. C

    W220 320 cdi with toys?

    I'm changing my A4 estate in the next month or 2, and I've got a car in particular in mind. The option is a post facelift 2003-2004 S-Class 320 cdi with lots of toys. This S-class would ideally have to have the comfort seats with massage (specified by my other half) and sunroof, memory...
  11. C

    W220 53 S320 cdi with all of the toys.

    2003 MERCEDES S320 CDI AUTO SILVER 72K New | eBay I think this looks interesting (probably as it's close to what I'm personally looking for) as there are not that many S320s with toys on the market at the moment, and I've been looking for the past month. This one has a scratch and a ding, and...
  12. M

    C124 spotted awating a buyer.

    LA Motors in Woodham - Surrey have an E320 Green on an L plate for sale at 105k with leccy seats, climate, cruise, and a few other buttons. interior is mushroom and tired looking. Externally its good although two tone green. I think the Merc specialists (LA) are not really into selling cars...
  13. Londonscottish

    S211 - I keep finding new toys

    I'm having fun discovering new thing my S211 can do - Phone - thanks to David Powell and Alfie I've now got my Nokia 6300 fully integrated - Auto Headlights - discovered this feature last night - DVD player in the dash - found this yesterday - useless but fun It's also got loads of...
  14. R

    What toys come with a March 06 CLS??

    Hi Any CLS owners know what gadgets come with the CLS? Bi Xenons do they include around the corner lights? Auto dimming mirrors do they come standard? Tyre pressure monitor whats all that about? Hill start hand brake? Do they come with adaptive lighting? Do they come with MP3 jack in glove box...
  15. bigstuff

    classic boys toys but what one

    what car made the most impact on you 1. the mini mk1 2 the lotus mk1 cortina 3. golf mk1 gti 4. audi quattro turbo 5. rs 500 cozy
  16. NW_Merc

    C36 with alot of toys
  17. H

    Beware Those Extra Toys

    BEWARE THOSE EXTRA TOYS The subject of depreciation comes up pretty often and is the biggest cost of motoring for many. Magazines often show the residual values after owning a new car for 3 years. If you are lucky –or pick well- many MB models retain 50% of their value after 3 years (at...
  18. B

    A CL without the toys....

    Morning all, Firstly, I would just like to thank you all for your help and advice on the purchase of a CL, and to congratulate you on such a friendly and useful forum. Being new to MB and especially a beast of a car such as the CL, it's nice to know that there are people out there that are...
  19. nigel cross

    A site for big boys toys

    Not ebay but try this for size if you fancy a battle ship or aircraft;pgid=MieqQ4wkQg8000ArvQ_8K1sp0000yfK4Yc-d?CatalogCategoryID=NufAqBELqO8AAAD_rdZpc4dv :bannana:
  20. KosherBenz

    GOt some new toys for the CDI!

    Euro head unit.
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