1. Dieselman

    Tracing mobile phone numbers

    Is there any way to reverse lookup or trace a mobile phone number?
  2. L

    Is there a "how to...." guide for tracing starter motor wires

    From what I've managed to read up I need to trace wires from fuse box to starter motor and check connections on starter motor. Keeps blowing fuse 52. Engine is the 2.2 diesel 2003 model. Any help much appreciated. Lewis
  3. L

    tracing wire from phone cradle to module slk350

    Hi I'm looking for any tips on dismantling the trim to trace the wire from the cradle to the module in the boot of a SLK350 with HK speakers in the rear . Cheers
  4. jonnyboy

    tracing a battery drain

    Hi all Back in the uk soon and trying to get ahead of things not behind. Electronics are not my strong point but I have a multimeter so here goes:- I have a severe battery drain on my 300 sl24. How can I trace the cause? I really dont know where to start... TIA
  5. The Boss

    I need help tracing an archived road test of w124 amg

    Ladies and Gents. back in the 90's, TOP GEAR with Jeremy Clarkson did a road test between a W124 E36 AMG coupe and a bmw amplina e36 coupe. This was broadcast some time between 1994 and 1996. The Mercedes E36 AMG coupe was a black/grey colour one similar to the one below: I am trying to...
  6. buccal

    Tracing an owner

    Is it possible for anyone to trace the address of a car owner purely on a registration plate? Nothing sinister!!
  7. markymark1

    Tracing service history

    Hi recently purchased a 1997 C230 with 56,000m and full history, but the dealer cannot find the service documents or hand book since they moved to new larger premises. I have no reason to beleive that the mileage is incorrect by the way the seats/pedal wear is like new and was told that it was...
  8. B

    Tracing aircon leaks behind the dashboard

    The aircon system in my 1990 560 SEC has a tiny leak. A dye test confirms that it isn't anywhere in the engine bay. A sniffer test suggests the leak is somewhere in the circuits below/behind the dash panel, in the driver's side footwell (NB the left side - I have an LHD euro-spec car)...
  9. oldcro

    Tracing a past vehicle

    I was roaming the internet and found this website '' so checked my car and previouly owned car. Just being nosy you understand. All listed the vehicle and road tax due dates. However, when I checked the Lexus I had PXed 6 months ago it was a (250SE-L) for the C320CDi there...
  10. S

    Tracing a Service History

    Hello to all Is there any way tracing a cars service history from the reg document if the service books are missing? Just planning on buying an ML320 only 55k miles on an x plate but can't find the service books :confused: Am wondering if this can be traced through an MB stealer or through...
  11. pammy

    Tracing a vehicle through its reg'n

    I'm sure we had a thread a wee while ago now about tracing a car through its registration. Pointed to a couple of websites. Am trying to track what the hire car I have for tomorrow is. It's a Vovlo V70 estate 2.4 - but it could be a 140bhp or 170bhp. Be nice to know which :devil:
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Tracing an IP address

    Ages ago, I have a free program which you could use to trace an IP, showing a map etc. Anyone know what it was called? or know any others?
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