1. D

    COMAND - track information not available with personal POIs

    I have a 2015 W212 with COMAND 5*1, at least I am pretty certain that is the version of COMAND I have. It has the ability to import personal POIs from the SD card. The files must be put in the root directory of the SD card in a folder called PersonalPOI. That works fine, except there is a...
  2. lfckeeper

    Adjusting track rods to straighten steering wheel

    Hi all My understanding is that after a wheel alignment, if the steering wheel is not straight, adjusting the track rods by the same amount both sides will straighten the steering wheel (so long as its on tarmac not on turning plates on the alignment machine) Is this definitely correct...
  3. T

    Track rod end.

    Can anyone please tell me the thread size and pitch for the track rod end lock nut, on a 2006 w203? Thanks.
  4. D

    Track Day Tyres

    Hi all, just purchased a set of Michelins been used on the track no blueing just scrubs tyres still have 7mm on all 4 so question is are they OK to use on the road and at £250.00 for set of 2x245 35 19 fronts 2x265 35 19 rears are they value for money just took a bit of a punt hope I havnt just...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Ginetta G20 Junior Track / Sprint / Hillclimb car

    I bought this so the apprentices and recently qualified mechanics at Project Shop could learn about competition, tuning, preparing cars for racing etc. With their move to new premises, the lovely little beast will no longer have a home. As she isn't road legal, and I can't fit in her, she has...
  6. gunning

    Cheap track car build. Non Mercedes

    So after years of spending a lot of money on 911's on the track and the upkeep I've decided to go down the cheap and cheerful route. My aim is to spend no more than £2500.... on everything. Trying to find a decent Mercedes track car for this is unlikely. The car? 2003 Mini Cooper S The car...
  7. M

    W202 upper front track arm problem

    Almost due for the MOT again and another problem shows up! Has anyone replaced an upper front left control arm on a w202 c class? There's a US guide online which makes it look simple, as does the Haynes manual, but both show an accessible pivot bolt nut. The bolt head is accessible but the...
  8. L

    SLK55 with Kleemann headers on the Nurburgring GP track

    Tried Embed this but it didn't work Mods are : No rear mufflers Kleeman headers ECU remap (dyno'ed at 395hp) No centre resonator Secondary cats in place. P030 Pack Please ignore the sloppy driving, I didn't have much of my tires left at this point...
  9. B

    Sunroof track clean and grease

    Hi what grease is recommended to lube up the sunroof tracks? Thanks
  10. V

    Free track day

    When I bought my new SL I was told I would get a driver training. Had the car 3 months now and heard nothing, dealer says it's down to Milton Keynes to contact me direct. Is this normal?
  11. M

    Mercedes AMG A45 Sportsland SUGO Race Track Time Attack - Video

    Mercedes AMG A45 Sportsland SUGO Race Track Time Attack [YOUTUBE HD]FVjijEST0CE[/YOUTUBE HD]
  12. Peter DLM

    I need another track car, M3.

    So I felt that I need another track car that isn't as hardcore, terrifying, or specialised as my Caterham to use. I found this M3 on eBay, has AP big brake kit already, just needs a nice set of coilovers. It's a DCT, has 117k miles but you really can't tell, has been well serviced and cared...
  13. Audio Addict

    C63 Track Tyres

    Howdy, Just wondering what tyres are good to use on track days on the standard 18" wheels? I've got a set of 19" AMG wheels on the car with Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric and I seemed to get to the limit of grip pretty quickly at Castle Combe. I was thinking of using my set of 18's purely...
  14. sssammm

    C63 on the track

    Just watched Mika Hakkinen blast a C63 round the track on 5th gear awesome car
  15. M

    Mercedes A45 Track Challenge, SUZUKA, TSUKUBA, FUJI, SODEGAURA - Video

    Mercedes A45 Track Challenge, SUZUKA, TSUKUBA, FUJI, SODEGAURA 6FFHlI4AsMg
  16. Peter103

    Russia's track and field athletes banned from Rio Olympics

    Drugs :ban:
  17. M

    track names on comand

    I've only had my C63 AMG for a couple of weeks, so I'm still finding my way around all its toys. It's a 2012 facelift with comand and I've noticed that if a track, that I've stored on the hard drive, has a long name, then it just omits the part that wont fit on the screen. Is there a way to get...
  18. V

    W204 C63 inner tie rod & track rod ends

    Genuine MB parts with receipt. 2 inner tie roads, 2 track rod ends Never got round to fitted them. After £150. All in retail is well over £300. Call 0750 602 8070.
  19. afflier

    Track Day Insurance

    I found a very old thread on this subject but nothing since. As it says in the title, Im looking in to getting some Track Day Insurance for the C63. Actually only thinking of TV4 drag as opposed to full Track Day (future maybe!) I found this page from Adrian Flux Adrian Flux Track Day...
  20. L

    Which CLK for the track?

    Hi guys I'm about to start on a track car CLK. trying to decide between the 430 or a lower power version. Based on running costs/serviceable items/reliability what engine would you guys go for? Cheers Mark
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