1. Audio Addict

    MSV Trackday @ Brands Hatch

    Just wondering if anyone from here is booked to do the Indy circuit at Brands on Saturday the 26th of November? :D
  2. R

    'Opentrack' trackday at Goodwood 17/9/16

    Hi, just a heads up here, already sent this out to the hard core few I have contact with, that track their cars. 'Opentrack' have a Goodwood day on Saturday 17th September, I know 3 no. here booked, inc myself, possibly another 2 no. may book, should anyone else here be interested to this day...
  3. R

    gauging a goodwood trackday interest

    Hi, having organised this type of event within this forum a couple of times previously, and promised my wife I would never do it again, here I am throwing this out there again:o (been a while) There is a hard core group of 12 guys I stay in contact within this forum who are brilliantly a yes or...
  4. R

    Cruise, Trackday and karting in France

    Not my party, but there's 9 people, 4 from this forum, planning to have a boys jolly into France mid September for 4 days. Its primarily a civilised cruise down to the Cognac region, with no intentions of upsetting the local Gendarmerie en route, enjoying the food and wine as allowed, staying in...
  5. R

    4 nights in France, trackday,+ Karting

    Hi, there is a group of 8 of us, (4 from this forum, and 3 known to us from Goodwood track days and the recent AMG factory visit), That are going to France in September, plus 2 no. more awaited on for confirmation of attendance, but no passengers being permitted at this time, so as we maximise...
  6. M

    Trackday 10th Novemeber Bedford.

    Booked up do this if anyone else fancies it : Monday 10 Nov 2014 - General Car Track Day at Bedford Autodrome GT Circuit Only £99 for the day !
  7. R


    Nothing seems to have been booked in events wise recently, there is an outing in late August, and 2 events in September, but no track day' s on the horizon, only been 1 this year with the usual AMG crew,:(:(:( Just asking aloud really, anyone of genuine interest, who is up for a Goodwood...
  8. R

    No 'Eve appeal' Trackday this year.

    As tittle, just to advise the guys that usually go to this Goodwood, November track day event, that I received an Email this morning, just advising that there will be no track day event run this year:(. Shame, as I believe that everyone really enjoyed these days, and given the time of year, we...
  9. RattlerRattler

    A clean SL55, but busy roads ...... trackday?

    Cleaned the SL today and took her out for a spirited bimble on the local roads, loved it, but...... ......couldn't get any decent space to really stretch her legs, the trouble is with this much torque and speed, you just seem to catch up anything else on the road really quickly and have to...
  10. Peter DLM

    Caterham trackday terror. Winter Project

    So, I've been considering building a Caterham to monster around on trackdays. This written-off 2003 Roadsport SV (the fat ******* version) was cheap at £4k. It needs a new chassis and it'll be rebuilt from scratch with all the right bits. It should end up with a 330hp 2.0 Supercharged...
  11. jamesfuller

    Sprint/hillclimb maybe trackday!

  12. Benjy

    Snetterton 10th August - Trackday

    Guys I'm going to do Snetterton on the 10th August which is a Saturday if anyone is interested. Cost is £249 and should be a good day as its a great track. if interested I've attached the link and would be good to see a few old and maybe new faces...
  13. Peter DLM

    Silvertone GP Trackday, May 6th.

    On bank holiday Monday just gone, I took part in a track day using the Silverstone GP circuit. Of course, there was exotica everywhere seeing as it was a somewhat prestigious event. I counted 21 911 GT3s, an RS 4.0, a smattering of Ferraris, a load of GTRs and 5 Nobles. Anyway, I've done...
  14. R

    The AMG trackday

    Just to advise, am told tonight that the AMG center track day at Goodwood that some of us have been going to over the past few years, will probaly not get off the ground this year, which is really disappointing news given how enjoyable they have all been. However the chap who we usually deal...
  15. R


    Just throwing this up for anyones interest. A contact, has asked me today to weather I and anyone I knew would be interested in a potential trackday on the 11th March at Goodwood, its a cancelled day with Goodwood apparently, subject to numbers, cost will be around the £200-£250 mark, they have...
  16. Simon_M

    Goodwood Trackday 2013

    I have been speaking to Goodwood for this year's track day and things are already getting pretty well booked up. For those of you that don't know the circuit, it is a nice, fast, open circuit limited to 5 cars on track in a session and a 105db noise limit...
  17. M

    GW Trackday Tyres Pressures - Tomorrow

    Hi Gents what tyre pressures are you guys planning on running? ive just set mine (C63) at -2psi versus the handbook ie 39psi all round as opposed to 41psi its going to be rather cold ( less than 5 degrees C )tomorrow do you think that makes any odds? :thumb:
  18. Bobsta

    C63 Brake Fluid for trackdays?

    I'm planning on taking my C63 around Silverstone next month. Just wondered if folks who'd tracked their C63s had experienced any issues with brake fluid boiling and would therefore recommend using uprated fluid. TBH I haven't looked in any detail but my car will have whatever spec fluid...
  19. R

    A charity Goodwood trackday November

    Three of us forum members went on a Charity trackday at Goodwood last November, and am sure the other guys will confirm, that it was a very cilivilised enjoyable day out, with lots of alternative cars there, and seem to recall the last hour I was out on circuit with Mika and Simon M all on our...
  20. Simon_M

    Few Goodwood Trackday spaces available tomorrow

    Sat 19th if anyone is interested...
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