1. P

    GPS Trackers

    Can anybody recommend a tracking device fitted to the car that I can access via smartphone/ computer to check its location, speed, movement, breakings etc. Seen some cheapo ones but would prefer some advice on anybody who can vouch for any decent systems?
  2. Barker44


    Would anyone recommend a certain tracker?
  3. flango

    Fitness bracelet - Activity trackers

    Does anybody use one permanently, would welcome your opinion if you do. I'm thinking of things like the Jawbone up24, Fitbit Force and Flex, Nike fuel band, Polar loop etc.. Would welcome you opinion on these, valuable as lifestyle trackers or another electronic gismo destined for the man...
  4. developer


    My car lives on the drive. The area is ok but the road connects two suburbs and accesses the local park, so there's traffic and footfall past the house. The car does stand out a bit and is clearly visible, being in a slightly elevated position and sideways on to the road. My previous car...
  5. S

    Trackers are they worth the money?

    Anyone suggest a good Tracker type device. Also anyone had a good (or bad) experience of using one.
  6. Spinal

    Vehicle Trackers

    I'm thinking of getting a tracker fitted for insurance purposes... Am I right in thinking that there are only 2 kings: GSM and GPS? Of which the GPS can be real-time (Active) or historical (passive); right? Any you would recommend? Is there a review site? I can't find too much...
  7. chriswt

    Trackers, hit or miss!

    I'm addicted to "police, camera, action" type TV (especially when the rozzers set their police dogs on a fleeing car thief!!) and it’s become quite obvious that Tracker systems are the ultimate in car security. The police don’t have to engage in a dangerous chase, and can even monitor a...
  8. pammy

    Trackers and insurance

    As I'm shopping around for a poss cheaper insurance quote - I am finding increasingly that because of the type of car I have - it is a requirement that a tracker is fitted. The affect on the quotes is not insignificant - £100 saved on one I've just done :eek: - but the cost of a tracker is...
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